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Demonstration of what we can do for you follows:
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This is a non-commercial site for Bruce Mayfield and clients of...

To privately share their Liberated videos, movie film, and photos -with their friends and families.

We do NOT sell "time" or "space" on this site to non-clients.

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Who R.us?

Who R.us?

Flix R dot Us at www.FlixR.us Is a digital media distribution platform for clients of

Videos R dot US at www.VideosR.us

Photos R dot Us at www.PhotosR.us

Above: Kilauea Lava Flows


We are the " post-production professionals " behind many privately archived films and videos you may have seen on PBS, History Channel, Netflix, etc.; and in independent documentary videos.

And the list goes on -- for over 20 years of wonderful footage.

You -- and your video and photos -- will be remembered -- by the "company" you keep.

Keep Great Company -- With a Great Company!

Your ReMastered video and photos deserves to join our list -- of world class productions; and,
you deserve to join our list -- of world class clients.

World Class Video Preservation™

We follow modern video preservation standards recommended by

  1. The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) and
  2. The Library of Congress (TLC)

Therefore, we do sell optical discs -- but NOT as "archive media".

Hide: Who R.us?

What is Flix R dot Us -- at www.FlixR.us

What is Flix R dot Us -- at www.FlixR.us

Flix R dot US™ -- at www.FlixR.us -- is a private, non-commercial, password protected, Internet media distribution website -- exclusively for our clients -- and their guests -- to sharing their private

Flix R dot US -- at www.FlixR.us -- enables clients and their "guests" -- friends, and family -- to display -- and to optionally download -- selected individual content (like individual photos) or large volumes of content (like hours of video) -- right over the internet.

Current, "downloads" are not allowed by most smart phone browsers; but are limited to Mac, PC and Linux computers.

This service is available -- any time, any place -- on any OTG smart phone, iPhone, or WiFi enabled TV -- using the most commonly used browses -- like Chrome, FireFox, Safari, Opera, IE, and more.

FlixR.us is password protected " -- so clients control who has access to view -- and download (if they so choose) -- private family media.

All content on this website, and copyrights thereof, are own by our clients, or by myself, Bruce Mayfield, or are in the public domain.

By using our service, clients agree that we will not host "adult content"; or, host content that violates copyrights of any third party -- like copyrighted commercial movies or pirated media content; and that either party to any agreement to use this website -- may terminate said agreement -- at any time for any reason -- and thereby satisfy any and all agreements to use this website.

Who We are NOT

Who We are NOT

Flix R dot Us™ -- at FlixR.us -- contains NO "commercial movie" content -- for any commercial distribution.

We have NO affiliation with

that may have similar names

How to Get On www.FlixR.us

How to Get On www.FlixR.us

Flix R dot Us offers a post-production subscription service
ONLY for clients of Bruce Mayfield, D.B.A.

Our clients have had their photos, videos, and movie films
Re-Mastered™ in post-production services as

Clients have also had their digital images preserved and protected -- Universally Compatible with multiple media and media devices -- in observation of archive recommendations of The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) -- the highest authority of Federal Archive regulation -- including oversight of the Library of Congress (LC).

Clients can optionally protect their Liberated™ Images against EMP and CME events using Liberated Disc-IMAGE™ technology.

What are Liberated Videos and Photos?

What are Liberated Videos and Photos?

In the past, moving images were " captured " on movie film, on video tapes, on video discs or in proprietary digital files, like Windows AVI files.

Likewise, still images were "bound" to film, slides, or paper or to proprietary CD discs or memory cards.

Digitalization does NOT mean Liberation:

Last decade, moving images were "digitally captured" to tape and disc. Tapes and discs were proprietary media -- which required that you buy a "proprietary" physical player -- to use the media -- to view YOUR video.

As both the media and the media players aged, and then failed, YOUR video was endangered or lost. "Rip and Capture" techniques -- and technologies -- were developed to salvage this video footage, but the price of using "Rip and Capture" was a lower video image quality. This was because "Rip and Capture" usually was destined to a DVD disc.

Unfortunately, most people do not know the following:

The light sensitive dyes in DVD discs ARE unstable, once they are activated by a laser, and the dyes deteriorate over a short periods of time.

The spiral data track of a DVD disc -- spins -- making it very difficult to record data to the spinning, spiralling track.

DVD "burners" were never standardized. Each DVD burner manufactures "did their own thing" to write data to a spinning, spiral track, and most often discs were "polluted" with so many digital data errors, that the disc would fail in 1 to 5 years.

Most people do not know that the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) banned the use of recordable optical discs - of all kinds -- way back in 2007 -- at the Federal level.

NARA 'recommended" that the public do the same. This advice was -- and is -- obstructed from public disclosure by film transfer companies and by video duplication companies.

Thus unstable, error polluted, DVD-R discs are now the foundation of almost the entire "public" video archive. At the core of this injustice are the pharmacy chains and "big box" corporations -- who dominate the photo and video preservation industry.

This decade, video can be "digitized" to "stand-alone" files. However, "stand-alone" does not mean "freedom". Many "video" formats are "proprietary" to computer and software manufactures. As such, " Rip and Capture " to DVD disc is still the preferred method of "preservation" (ha ha!).

For example, (now abandoned) Windows AVI video files do NOT play on an Apple Mac computer or iPhone. Most Apple video formates do NOT play on Windows computers.

Also, many video formats are "licensed" as "pay to play" by Internet Browser developers and Video App developers.

Liberated™ Videos and Photos are "digital image files" that are independent of any physical media. Last century, video and photo data was "bound" or "captured" to physical media.

We take Liberation to the next level:

Our Liberated Products are Universally Compatible with any digital media and any digital storage device on the planet -- using "Universally Compatible Logical Drive within a physical drive™ " disc technology. This assures compatibility across all Apple, PC, and OTG smart device platforms -- including iOS, OSX, Windows, Linux operating systems.

We define "Liberated™ " as also meaning

Liberated standards exceed all physical standards -- especially for recordable optical discs -- like DVD-R and Blu-ray (BD-R); even though we do make optical discs for entertainment use only (not for digital archive use).

Why not just use Facebook or YouTube?

Why not just use Facebook or YouTube?

Social media is NOT designed to store, retrieve, play -- and download -- massive amounts of digital media -- like hours of movie films, videos or photo albums.

Also, let's face the facts -- about "friends" -- on social media. Many "friends" on social media are "fake friends" who range from

Your family photos ad videos are " personal pearls " of cherished family memories and and these images document your family history. Many times these memories are "bittersweet" memories -- where the good and the bad stories -- merge -- as part of "being a family".

These are NOT images, memories, and stories you want to share even with more trusted "friends" on social media like...

In most families, the "good" is what binds them together, so that they can endure the "bad". It is good -- to remember " the good " -- to honor the unsung family heros and heroines -- who served and sacrificed for the family -- for decades.

Unfortunately, the reputation of these family heros may NOT be shared by -- and would even be tarnished (on social media or other means) by

  1. "outlawed" family members
  2. neighborhood "gossips"
  3. flat out "enemies" of the family; and
  4. don't forget -- your "crazy" aunt or cousin or nephew; I'm sure you got my drift.

Your family photos ad videos are a sacred trust -- to be protected. They deserve better -- than to be cheapened by casual exploitation on "social media" - only to be tarnished and thus -- never forgotten in infamy.

Therefore, a prudent person does not want to " cast their pearls before swine ". They do NOT want the chatter and chaos of social media -- and advertisements -- distracting them -- as they stroll down memory lane.


www.FlixR.us is a " safe place " to " safely share " -- large amounts of image data -- anywhere, anytime via the Internet.

www.FlixR.us offers "double password" protection, smart page security, and content encryption. This is technically more security than most social media sites can offer.

For example, with "smart pages" , in the event that your web page link is "shared" -- across the Internet -- the recipient MUST have your password, too -- to view the content that page.

See how FlixR.us Content Works On YOUR Device

See If FlixR.us Works On YOUR Device

I have built a Liberated™ Media web page for Einstein -- and his friends -- with his videos and photos. I can also do it for you, too.

Although Einstein's page will give you a chuckle and a smile, the greater value of his page is to test how it works -- on your smart phone, computer, and UHD devices.

You are free to -- download-- and share select images -- as long as you do not alter them. After all, I appreciate a little publicity -- for which I thank my friends, clients, and Einstein's fans.

All images and videos are copyrighted by Bruce Mayfield 2016, 2018 with all rights reserved -- unless otherwise denoted. If you are interest in using any of my photos -- for "digital" posters or post cards -- I will be happy to facilitate your desires -- with graphic text and artistic services.

I can also perform post-production services -- on your digital images.

Demonstration of what we can do for you follows:
Einstein's videos and photos -- take default password

Then visit


Problems or Questions?

Problems or Questions?

Problems or Questions?
Call Bruce Mayfield:
Videos R dot US™ at VideosR.us™

The following "links" should work with cell phones:

Call by Cell: 601-577-1643

Text by Cell: 601-577-1643

Voice mail by Cell: 575-377-1001

OTHERWISE: You must hand dial these numbers -- the old fashioned way!

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How to put home movies and photos on Flix R dot Us

How to put home movies and photos on FlixR.us

This site is the video and photo distribution website for clients of

Bruce Mayfield operation under the Trade names

All of our clients are loaded onto FlixR.us for a trail period, and then offered an Annual Friends and Family Subscription .

Our clients control the distribution of their own content.

Friends and Family of clients can then access client content -- by any smart phone or WiFi Surfing enabled device or TV set.

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Contact Information

Contact Information

Videos R dot US™ at www.VideosR.us
Flix R dot Us™ at www.FlixR.us
Photos R dot Us™ at www.PhotosR.us

are owned and operated by
Bruce Mayfield, MBA, BSCS
Photographer and
Post-Production Director

Clicking the following "links" should work with cell phones:

Call by Cell: 601-577-1643

Text by Cell: 601-577-1643

Voice mail by Cell: 575-377-1001

OTHERWISE: You must hand dial these numbers -- the old fashioned way!

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