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Movie Film Price Request Form

STANDARD 8mm Movie Film
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Commercial OR Express Rate

Domestic Rate

NOTICE: The prices above are ROUGH NON-BINDING "ESTIMATES" for Video Virtualization Services only.

This estimate does NOT include video media -- like drives and DVD discs -- or return shipping. Prices assume you have NO "vinegar syndrome" or"damaged film".

Our written quotes DO include ALL costs and include Volume Discounts -- for more than 1,000 feet of film.

Your deposit is refundable upon evaluating your first "confirmation video", and all other "confirmation video" is "pay-as-you-approve".

Due to the wide range of speeds of 16mm film -- 15fps to 24 fps -- we do not estimate prices here.

16mm Film Guages
(Please Enter in 50 foot increments)

NOTICE: To Residents of the State of New Mexico

In compliance to our understanding of the Internet Commerce and Gross Receipts tax laws of the State of New Mexico
we do not accept business from residents of New Mexico.

We can, however, accept business from "out-of-state relatives" of residents of New Mexico.

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