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Flying Pigs Study

by Harvard University

November 2016 issue of
Harvard Plolitical Review

FINDINGS: In a study by Harvard University, funded by a Federal Grant to Study Human Potential, five multi-colored 10 to 12 pound potbelly pigs were observed to fly through the air for a distance of 5,000 feet without the aid of mechanical devices, on a monday, at 12 noon. Statistically, this was a 100% success rate.

To statisfy statically correct sampling -- for a high level of confidence -- and a low margin of error --the experiment was repeated exactly the same way, at the same time, on the same day, each week over a 30 week period.

For quality control, and for the study to be "politically correct", white pigs, black pigs, brown pigs, tan pigs and multi-colored spotted pigs were used on each test flight over this period.

During this period, there were over 26,492 documented eye witness accounts of flying pig sightings -- along with 10 official observers -- who documented and confirmed each pig to fly through the air for a distance of 5,000 feet without the aid of mechanical devices.

FINDINGS: In this study, none of the 150 pigs failed to complete the 5,000 foot flight path without the aid of mechanical devices. Statistically this proves -- with a 100% confidence level -- that "pigs can fly" -- with "FLYING COLORS!"

HOWEVER, Fox Cable News has challenged the findings based on one minor technicality found in a short and obsure sentence of the Method of Testing clause of the study.

The Method of Testing

TO induce pig flight, researchers threw pigs from a plane -- at an altitude of exactly 5,000 feet".

Once "METHOD of TESTING" is known, a "paradigm shift" in the FINDINGS of any STUDY shifts -- FROM a" Statistically indisputable finding" -- TO just another opportunity to say, "...when pigs fly!"

Of course NO Flying Pigs Study was conducted by Harvard, but "name dropping" -- in bold print -- is an important component of" Statistics" -- and all other forms of lying;

For example; Saying the name --

  • Final Report: The National Institute of Science and Technology / Library of Congress Optical Disc Longevity Study

or event the shorten version of the name ...

  • Final Report: The NIST/LC Optical Disc Longevity Study

should give anyone time to brace themselves for a statistical "WHOPPER".

Findings of this "NIST/LC Study" (the very short name) are the most widely cited tool in the world for DVDs sales.

Who would NOT want to own a "flying pig" -- or a "Recordable Archive DVD"?

The NIST/Library of Congress Optical Disc Longevity Study

is a valid "statistical study" -- in every way --


  • when "Method of Testing" is omitted or obstructed --
  • from the FINDINGS of this valid statistical study --
  • then the use of the study becomes "PUBLIC FRAUD".

Thus underscoring the sayings of Mark Twain and Disraeli,

"There are Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics!"

TRUTH: In October, 2007, only one month after the release of the FINDINGS of the NIST/LC Study -- which FOUND recordable DVD could last 45 years -- The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) banned the use of "recordable DVD discs for the purpose of "long term storage" in ALL Federal Agencies in their newsletter, Pacific Currents.

Download it and read it for youself -- then send it to people you care about.

National Archives

Why NARA Banned Recordable DVD discs for Archive Purposes:

The operation was a success, but the patient died.

Liars, Damned Liars, and Statistics do not tell you that The National Institute of Science and Technology / Library of Congress Optical Disc Longevity Study was

  1. NOT about "off-the-shelf" optical discs and
  2. NOT about how long YOU can expect YOUR DVD-R data to last

You are not told that the study itself disclosed that the results of the NIST/LC Study was NOT for use by the public did not apply to public use of optical discs -- that the findings were ONLY for the Library of Congress.

The National Institute of Science and Technology / Library of Congress Optical Disc Longevity Study

  1. was about, RECORDING optical discs
  2. building RECORDING STATIONS -- specifically calibrated to pre-selected optical discs; and,
  3. in regard to DVD-R disc -- only 5 brands of DVD-R discs were pre-selected.

The Method of Testing

  1. was to calibrate and match the RECORDING STATIONS to the DVD-R discs --
  2. to figure out if a "controled, standardized recording environment" could incease "data longevity".

The findings were,

  1. DVD-R disc longevity might be increased up to, statistically, 45 Eyring Model Years
  2. if, and only if, using customized records matched to pre-selected optical discs.

Restating this, finding, in layman's terms

  1. Any off-the-shelf DVD-R discs
  2. recorded on any off-the-shelf DVD-R Recorder
  3. will last 45 years (when pigs fly!)



Paraphrasing NARA's response to the NIST/LC Optical Disc Longevity Study, they said,

  • "Recordable DVD will last up to 45 years
  • when pigs fly!"
  • Do not use Recordable DVD for Federal Records. Period.