Highlights of Our Accomplishments

ReMastered™ Virtual Video™

Einstein: Director of Marking

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Your Services and Products Stand
On the Shoulders of Our Accomplishments:

We have worked with the most wonderful cleints in the world with some of the oldest movie films in the world.

16mm and Standard 8mm Movie Virtual-Film Transfers:

YOUR Images Are Priceless, too:

We would be honored

Resent Technical Accomplishments:

Bruce Mayfield, BSCS, MBA
Founder and Owner of Film to Video

We have always honored archive standards of

We have always offering a 100% money back -- "Pay as you Approve" -- business model.

Our Staff

Staff vs Equipment:

To give an artist a BIGGER tool -- like a bigger brush -- might result in bigger art, but it would not result in BETTER art.

My best kept secret -- is our staff -- who take all your images -- for what they are -- and Virtual-Imagineer™ them -- to be all that they can be.

This is ART.