Highlights of Our Accomplishments

ReMastered™ Liberated Video™

Einstein: Director of Marking

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Your Services and Products Stand
On the Shoulders of Our Accomplishments:

We have worked with the most wonderful cleints in the world with some of the oldest movie films in the world.

  • Their movie films that can only be termed “National Treasures” --
  • a few of them "Legendary International Treasures" --
  • which you may have seen on TV as follow:

16mm and Standard 8mm Movie Liberated Film Transfers:

  • Admiral Byrd’s 1935 Expedition to Antarctica (16mm) National treasure
  • Nyiragongo Volcano 1958 Expedition (Standard 8mm movie )
  • Ringling Circus 1940 archives (16mm) National treasure
  • Indiginous People of Taiwan and The Philippines 1920's (Standard 8mm movie )
    (Taiwan National Archives and Philippines National Archives)
  • Daytona Beach First Auto Races "on the beach" (National treasure)
  • Global Imperial News Report for the Emperor of Japan -- Pre-WWII (16mm) (World Treasure)
  • 1942 Philippines’ Los Banos Japanese Prison Rescue (16mm) (World Treasure)
  • Chicago Riots / Scotland Yard Riots (Historical footage)
  • Rodeo Hall of Fame -- The Great Rodeo Clown -- and the bulls he made "Laughing Stock".
  • Rail Road films (8 and 16mm): RailRoad (RR) (National Treasures)
  • Tucson, Arizona "Oldest" known films (16mm) (National Treasure)
  • PBS Special History of Ithaca, NY
  • Killington Ski Resort Archives
  • We have produced historical films for countless
    • cities and towns,
    • fire departments,
    • football teams,
    • State and Federal government archives,
    • hundreds of hours Vietnam War footage,
    • declassified ballistic missile test on high speed film, etc. --
    • the list goes on, now, for about 20 years.

YOUR Images Are Priceless, too:

    • Qur clients expect the best work in the world.
    • With our service, "the best" is a given
      • with post-production IMAGE™ inhancement and
      • with post-production color enhancement and
      • true commercial video archive services
      • with technically revolutionary Liberated Archives™"
      • which exceed the standards of
        • the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) and
        • the Library of Congres

We would be honored

  • to add your film images to our list of world-class accomplishments;
  • to add your name to the our list of world class clients.

Resent Technical Accomplishments:

  • FlixR.us™ Player -- Internet Video Distribution Platform
  • Introduced Universally Forward Compatibility to the Video Preservation Industry
  • Introduced the Logical/Logical™ Drive -- For Universal Compatibility across
    • all media
    • all drives
    • all computer platforms
  • DVD N-a-Flash™ Drive (a Solid State DVD -- and much more)
  • Liberated Video Library™ Drive
  • Liberated DVD™ Disc-IMAGES™ -- as separate Liberated Product™ from Physical DVD disc
  • Liberated Blu-ray Disc-IMAGES™ -- as separate Liberated Product™ from Physical Blu-ray disc

Bruce Mayfield, BSCS, MBA
Founder and Owner of Film to Video

We have always honored archive standards of

  • The National Archives and
  • The Library of Congress
  • And now, we exceed those standards.

We have always offering a 100% money back -- "Pay as you Approve" -- business model.

Our Staff

Staff vs Equipment:

To give an artist a BIGGER tool -- like a bigger brush -- might result in bigger art, but it would not result in BETTER art.

My best kept secret -- is our staff -- who take all your images -- for what they are -- and Liberated Imagineer™ them -- to be all that they can be.

This is ART.