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Our Domestic Clients enjoy Corporate, Executive, or Celebrity status meaning, our client list is confidential -- as is ALL client information.

You may call me direct for a personal phone consultation or send text or pictures of your project to me as follows:

575-377-1001 Studio
601-577-1643 TEXT/cell

I am currently re-writing all modules of this website, including the forms for requesting a price quote. I would deeply appreciate feedback on malfunctions you may find, by texting the 601 number above. Your suggestions to improve this website are encouraged.

Sincerely and Securely,

Bruce Mayfield,

ReMasterâ„¢ Movie Film

Please mention " Bundled Offer " in your comments.

I will need to know the number of spools -- grouped by spool sizes -- to send your price quote. By sending us a request for quote, you agree to our refund and return policy.

Request Price Quote -- Movie Film

Liberateâ„¢ Legacy Video

  1. Tapes: D8, Hi8, Video8, VHS, VHS-C, MiniDV Tapes (no Beta or U-matic)
  2. Optical Discs: DVD or Blu-ray
  3. Video Files: AVI, AVCHD, mts, m2t, Motion JEPG, any professional format

If you know the number of minutes (hours) on each video tape cassette or on each DVD disc -- I can give you a more accurate quote;


Tell me the type of tape cassettes you have (D8, Hi8, Video8, VHS, VHS-C, MiniDV Tapes) and we will adjust the price, after we complete the digitalization. Meanwhile you will know the "worst case" price -- assuming you have NOT used "LP (Long Play Recording Mode).

By sending us a request for quote, you agree to our refund and return policy.

Smart phone users will need to enlarge the data entry form using 2-finger stretch.

Request Price Quote -- Legacy Video

The quote sent to you for Legacy Video will have a "special" offer.

Our Phone Number:

575-377-1001 -- NOTE: Using the prefix one (1) -- on some cell phones -- results in an "invalid number" error or "no service" error. I assure you our phone service works.

Studio Contact Hours: 10AM until 7PM MST Monday thru Saturday.

I respond personally to pricing requests, roughly every 2 to 3 days. If you do NOT hear from me, e-mail me at or call us as something has gone wrong.

We offer a personalized services and know all our clients and their projects. I will be happy to talk with you.

NOTICE: To Citizens of the State of New Mexico, USA

In compliance to the tax laws of New Mexico -- for interstate commerce tax breaks -- we do not accept business from residents of New Mexico. We can, however, accept business from "out-of-state relatives" of residents of New Mexico.

NOTICE: To Citizens WORLDWIDE -- including Alaska, Hawaii, Mexico (not New Mexico) and Latin America.

Our quotes do NOT include International Shipping Costs; therefore, ALL quotes are offered with the understanding that client pays for additional international shipping.