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We know all our clients by nam. That's because we work with them, see the "times of their lives", and "making "the good times" and many "loved-ones" -- "come to life again". 

All of our letters are written by clients after giving us their final approval on their projects and after sending their final payment. 

By this stage, they have seen their entire project and their comments are honest and unsolicited.

Therse comments bring joy to our hearts -- and sometimes tears.. as many of our clients, after 20 years now, have passed on.

Thank you all!

Request for Price Quote: Comments: I had this film converted to DVD at Sam's Club and was not happy with the results. I remembered that I used your service about 10 years ago. I compared the two dvd's and definitely see 100% improvement with your services . I have 590 feet (based on previous conversion results) on three 7 inch reels. (they spliced all my 3 inch 50' reels together). I'm not sure if all the smaller reels were 25' of 50'. Some cartons read 25' others have no quantity. Thank you, JB

I  would like to take this opportunity to thank Bruce (dba as
film-to-video.com), Carol, and the entire staff for the outstanding work
they recently completed in transferring my 16mm and Super 8mm movie film to three
types of media.

I did a considerable amount of research and soul searching
to determine which company I could trust to undertake the process of
handling film that spanned the years 1949 to 1985 with the utmost care and

After several conversations with Bruce, in which he
patiently outlined the entire process from start to finish, as well as
sharing some insights and information that no other company provided, I was
convinced that film-to-video.com was my choice for the project.

All phases of the project proceeded as outlined in the agreement, and I was contacted
when several "vinegar syndrome" rolls were encountered in order that a
mutual agreement of resolution was reached on how to proceed.

I am a,totally satisfied, happy and appreciative customer. In the end, that is
what we all want and expect in a business relationship.

This information is provided voluntarily as my way to thank the film-to-video staff and to
hopefully provide useful information to those individuals and families
considering the processing of their family film legacies, that choosing
this firm will reward them with outstanding service.

Danny N.

----Original Message-----
> On May 15, 2014, at 10:49 PM, "Bruce Mayfield"
> Hi Wendy,
> We received your email, thank you for the update.
> After the final payment is received, the duplication staff will begin
> working on your final shipment.
> The final shipment will have the hard drive, flash drive, the original
> film, Blu-ray discs, and the additional DVD copies; it will be sent
> UPS (NO signature required). UPS will send you an email with the tracking
> On behalf of Bruce and all our production staff, thank you for
> allowing us to help preserve your memories.
> Thank you,
> Carol
> film-to-video Manager

----Original Message-----
From: Wendy M
Sent: Friday, May 16, 2014 5:18 AM
To: Bruce Mayfield
Subject: Re: M. film project

Oh no, thank you. The film brought tears to my eyes. This has been
something my dad has been talking about for years. He is going to be soooo
surprised:). I cannot wait to show him.
Forever grateful,
Wendy M.

Sent from my iPhone

I received the CDs, tapes, and Blu-ray discs in good condition.   I was able to view the Blu-ray on my son's Blu-ray player and 55" tv (both LG brand).  The quality of the Blu-ray is definitely superior to the regular DVD.  The colors are so brilliant and the clarity is great.  However, the SF blu-ray is better yet.  The images are a lot sharper.  We preferred the SF version.   Are you offering blu-ray copies?  If so, what is the price?   I haven't been able to view the tapes as yet.  I hope to be able to do so this week.  I will let you know if the tapes are intact.    Thank you again for transferring my family's old movies to DVDs and archiving them to DVR tapes.  I have recommended your service to several people and will continue to do so.  Having these DVDs is priceless.  Your service is top-notch and so reasonable for everything you do.   I'm going to try to get with my mom and put a narrative together to go with the pictures.  Can I make more DVDs from the tapes?   Extremely satisfied customer, Sharon

Carol:      I received the subject volumes (DVD's) yesterday and have "viewed" them.  My delight is equal to that experienced with volumes 1 and 2.  The result of your work is phenomenal and I am ecstatic to be able to view those family memories once again!      As requested, I have put my check for $800.00 in the mail so that you may be able to continue with the next phase of my project.   Thank you,   - David J. E..

Subject: Re: White Family
Thank you Carol.  It is a pleasure working with you folks!   Best wishes, W.

Dear Bruce and Carol and other staff members, I want to commend you on the finished product we worked so hard and long on. I finally mailed them to all the cousins and family and they love them.  
It took us over 2 years to get this done and I could not have done it without your help and support emotionally and psychologically. The finished DVDs are great and I would recommend you to everyone. 
  Jerry W.

Hi Carol and Bruce -

I just wanted to say we watched the two DVD's you sent and either my
grandfather's camera was a wowser, or your new technology is astounding. I
suspect it is the latter.

Yes, please proceed. Your check went into the mail today.

Thanks - we look forward to what comes next.


I have roughly 35 Super 8mm movie films of family that are about 40 years old. I stumbled upon your website and although I felt like I wanted to do business locally so I would not have to ship these films, I realize after spending 20 minutes reading through your website that the importance of getting these films secure reaches beyond a convenience factor. Let me know if you need any other info in order to provide me an accurate quote. Thank you for your time and assistance.


Sent from my iPhone

Subject: Project Received

I have checked out all the media except for the MiniDV Master Tapes as I
have no device to run those. Everything is okay.

I am looking forward to editing the films making movies for all the people
that will appreciate them.

Thanks for your work. I will recommend you to anyone who wants old films


-----Original Message-----
From: Bob P.
To: 'Bruce'
Subject: RE:  film project

I got the DVD's today. They look great. The quality is much better than
the original Standard 8mm movie film projected on a screen. As you noted, there was a lot of
projector burn but the work you did to eliminate them was amazing. The
movie looks perfect.

I reviewed the DVDs. They look good. No errors on spelling, etc. Please

I just wrote a check for the balance of $270.

What about sending you the media for the archival copy? I will be doing
some editing on a MAC. What should I send to you?

Bob P.

To: Quote@film-to-video.com
Subject: B. family videos
  Carol, Please burn my DVD copies. I am sending the total payoff check in the amount of 252.00. The videos are fantastic and no corrections need to be made. Thanks, Jeff

To: Bruce
Subject: Re: film shipment

Thanks Carol,
                      We appreciate all your work so far and for working so quickly. My sister and friend were able to take clips from the films to use in the 20 minute presentation we had. Then we played the full version DVD you sent in the background. It was really nice because my younger siblings had no memory of the films at all! Everything worked out great....with the minor issue that my sister used a very monotonous music loop!!!! (Not your fault, just a sleepy 3 AM decision on her part!!!)  I think we have 2 missing films.....somewhere in my mom's house! If they are ever found, I'll contact you then to get a new quote. I know that's an  extremely small order so we'll cross that bridge if the films are ever found. Someone did comment this past weekend on the nice quality of your work. We laughed at the chopped off heads in the wedding video but the kids were so happy to even know that the wedding footage even existed!!! And I can't blame my dad for the photography with no headroom.... because it was his wedding!
                       I'm still traveling but the address below is good. (Our address is actually a UPS store box, so I'm sure the owner will sign for us.) I believe you said the postage is already paid for, but if there are any additional charges, please call me (409-599-5256) because I would need to give you a different card to charge.


To: Quote@film-to-video.com
Subject: In response to: film-to-video.com has sent you a package

Hi Carol,
That's a one word reaction, description and satisfaction level.

The videos in this shipment are great. Go ahead on the next step. I have no issue of any kind.

At the time of this writing the second shipment hasn't arrived. I'll get back to you after I view those DVDs.

The check's in the mail. $400 - going out on Tuesday.

Thanks again, smile and have a great day. My thanks to all -

Oh, my wife was first to mention, and I agree, the music really fits in.
Wonderful mood setter.

Dave P

The last check was mailed to you on Monday.  Have a great week,  Kevin    Kevin M. M.    

To: 'Bruce'
Subject: Video

Dear Bruce, Carole & staff at film-to-video.com,

We checked all the DVDs and every one worked.  All the family members received their sets for Christmas and much joy was spread throughout the family.  My mom was beside herself with excitement and spent most of Christmas day viewing her DVDs™.  I can�t thank you enough for the time and energy you put into finishing our project by Christmas.  Thank you so much for everything your company has done to make this project a success.  Please ship the virgin master at your convenience.


Debra A

From: Roger A
To: Quote@film-to-video.com
Subject: A.

Please send theVirgin Master�.

Many thanks for your excellent work

Roger A


(company name)

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Sam B
> To: Bruce
> Subject: B. film
> Carol,
> I received the film, DVDs and the Mini DV tape and everything checks
> out fine. Thanks to all for the terrific work!
> Please send the virgin master MiniDV now.
> Thank you,
> Sam B

To: Bruce
Subject: Re: film

Hey Carol,

First off, I want to thank you, Mr. Mayfield, and the entire staff for helping us" Save" our family history and especially for going out of your way to expedite the confirmation DVDs and backup tapes in time for my grandmother's 89th birthday.  She was thrilled beyond belief to see, for the first time, actual moving film of the family from 40 years ago.  She says she vaguely remembers my dad shooting the film and always wondered what happened to it.

I called your office the week after receiving the confirmation DVDs and left a message that I had received the original shipment and everything is better than expected.  I assumed with the holidays you all were extremely busy so I didn't bother to follow up and figured you would finish everything else after the first of the year.

film-to-video.com should be commended for a job well done!

Benjie M

From: Kevin H
To: Bruce
Subject: RE: H.... Project

You've been fantastic. I'll be recommending your services to friends, family, and colleagues. Thank you for everything.


(NOTE: The following is a letter sent to us by a recent client -- who was referred to us by a previous client, back in 2007. )

Subject: Dwayne & Eric inquiry

Hi Dwayne and Eric:

I'm the fellow who sold you the...  At the time you purchased it you wanted to know about my experience with sending off all of my 1950s-60s movie film for transfer to digital and how it turned out after I received it back.

I'm happy to report in one word... EXCELLENT!  www.film-to-video.com, was not the cheapest price around, but the quality of their work was even better than I had hoped for, and I figure you only have one chance to convert old movie film before it starts cracking and self-destructing.  There are many others out there that convert your film to DVDs.....but a DVD holds only a fraction of the resolution that a miniDV does, thus the reason film-to-video basically film transfer your movies from one medium to the newer miniDV medium, and DVDs are merely an easy way to view the finished product; however the miniDV tape still holds tons more resolution than a DVD.

They have a process that eliminated the "flicker" in old movies, and that made viewing the finished project very smooth.  Additionally, the color is as bright and vivid as I remember the original movies being, even after fifty years.

The end product I received consisted of one miniDV tape for each hour of video produced, plus one DVD made from that miniDV for viewing on your (hopefully high definition) TV set.  They started sending me two DVDs monthly for approval about three months ago.  I started out viewing them on a five year old Samsung HDTV which was capable of only 720 lines.  Three weeks ago we purchased a 1080P (progressive scan) HDTV and the difference in viewing was almost night and day.  The Samsung did not have a "P" after the 720, which meant it did not have progressive scan.......which is a process that fills in the TV's resolution lines with additional output.  Our 1080P set (50% more lines than a 720P) has the progressive scan and the movie color and smoothness upgraded considerably.

I had sent them the equivalent of about 6000' of film and that produced seven one hour miniDV tapes.  What I got back in addition to the first set of DVDs they sent me over several months was, five more sets of DVDs made from the new miniDV digital masters; two digital master sets (each set contained seven one hour miniDV's).  I didn't request that many sets, that's simply what they do.  In our case it works out fine, as we'll give each of our two daughters, one master and one DVD set.  I will download one of the master miniDV sets to my computer before giving away, so that I can edit out some of the stuff I didn't edit out years ago, i.e., unwanted footage of sky, feet, blank, etc.

Price: The seven hours of miniDV video including the eight above described sets, was $1,400 or $200 per hour of video.  I've spent a lot more on vacations, etc, and don't begrudge spending that much on preserving family history.

I'm sure your experience with www.film-to-video.com will be just as rewarding if you choose to proceed with Bruce, the owner.  He also returns personal phone calls to answer technical questions and educated me extensively about the digitizing process, camcorders, etc.

Feel free to contact me with any questions, as, while clear to me what I've said, it might not be nearly so to you. 


To: Quote@film-to-video.com
Subject: Virgin Master

Thank you for the shipment of DVDs and the MiniDV Backups.  I have checked them and they play just fine.  I am amazed at how well the film transfer worked.  It is so great to see these old movies again. 

Please ship the Virgin Master set of MiniDVs.  Thanks again.

Peter P

To: Quote@film-to-video.com
Subject: Attn: Carol/Bruce

Hi Carol & Bruce,

Just a line to let you know that the package you sent was received yesterday--all the extra DVD sets, original 16mm movie films, mini DV's, etc.  We thank you again for the wonderful restoration of these priceless memories--my husband is visiting Argentina right now and he took the original proof DVD's along with him to share with his family there.  His mother was so happy to see the faces of friends and family long gone, and that alone was worth every penny!

Susan V

> -----Original Message-----
> From: James S
> To: Bruce
> Subject: Re: receipt of films
> I received the master tapes. Thank you. I have invited all my siblings
> to my place for Christmas and will show these movies as a surprise. We
> haven't seen them since we were kids in the 60s. I appreciate your
> professional handling of our family memories. James

From: norm.h
To: Quote@film-to-video.com
Subject: Carol -- Confirm receipt of second installment of order

Sorry it took so long to respond. I did receive the second (final) DV tapes for my order, and have reviewed the tapes. Your company did a great job on the film transfer and I have been very pleased with the results! Please go ahead and burn DVD copies and arrange for return of the Standard 8mm movie film original films. Thanks again for preserving our family memories!

Norm H

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Mike M
> To: Bruce
> Subject: RE: film
> Bruce, Carol,
> Thank you very much for your good work on this project.
> I appreciate not only your professionalism in dealing with me, and
> presumably all your other clients, but also the incredible quality of
> the duplication, especially considering the state of the originals. I
> also appreciate the detailed technical description of all the "issues"
> found while creating the film transfer.
> I have been a photographer, using film, for almost 40 years, and I
> know what sort of damage time and handling can do. I also know that
> simple conversion to DVD is not the same as a real "duplication" to digital.
> I will be glad to provide you with an "unsolicited testimonial",
> assuming that is, that my final film transfer to tape is as good as I
> expect based upon the confirmation video.
> Thanks again, and I look forward to receiving the final product.
> Michael M
> Technical Marketing Consultant
>(company name)
>  OR

To: Quote@film-to-video.com

Thank you for the two volumes you created of our family's memories.  They are spectacular.  I'm so excited to give them to my parents and brothers and sisters for Christmas.  Please start on the next volumes.

Thank you,


Rodney K
(company name)
 New Jersey

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Pat Z
> To: Quote@film-to-video.com
> Subject: Pat Z Burn my DVD
> Hi Carol
> Just received my DVD and it's great!! I'm sending a check today.
> I know you probably hear this all the time....but what a treasure!
> My 86 year old mother-in-law was in tears as she watched her mother,
> father, grandmother and grandfather on the DVD. The baby in the film
> was my husband (her son) who is now 65!! She'd never even known the
> film was out there.
> I think I was half expecting all the film to be blank......
> I have about 100 more Standard 8mm movie film and Super 8mm movie reels that I'm going to want
> transferred.....a few more from the 40's, but mostly the 70's.
> What's the best way to continue??
> Thank you
> Pat Z

> -----Original Message-----
> From: David C
> To: Bruce
> Subject: Re: masters
> Thanks Carol & Bruce,
> We are so pleased with the product!
> Thanks,
> DC

To: Quote@film-to-video.com
Subject: confirmation video

Hi Carol,

Please burn my DVD copies.  I have reviewed the confirmation Video and found it outstanding. 

I will mail my balance of $105.00 immediately.


Jon R


From: Karen D
To: Quote@film-to-video.com
Subject: OK to burn DVD

Hello Carol,

I received my confirmation video today and all I can say is "wow."  I can't believe what Bruce was able to do with my 50-year-old Standard 8mm movie film s!  I am absolutely thrilled to be able to see these films of my friends and family (including my great-grandmother!) that have been stored away for decades.  The DVDs are going to make great Christmas gifts!

Please go ahead and burn the rest of the DVD copies.  I will mail the remaining balance of $100 tomorrow.

Thank you, Bruce.  Great work!

Karen D


> To: Quote@film-to-video.com
> Subject: Gary S... Standard 8mm movie film Tsfr Project
> Hi Bruce,
> I received the Standard 8mm movie film file, DVD copies and MiniDV copies.
> Everything is great.
> Please send me the "virgin master" minidv's.
> I will certainly recommend your excellent service to other people in
> need of excellent quality Standard 8mm movie film transfers.
> Best Regards,
> Gary S

To: Quote@film-to-video.com
Subject: Re:  Backups received 09/17/07

Thank you!  I am very pleased with your work and will certainly recommend your company to my friends and family.


Mindy V

Subject: RE: film and tapes received (was RE: DVDs great -- proceed with tapes)


The MiniDV master tapes arrived yesterday afternoon.  This project is completely finished, and, again, I�m very pleased with the quality of the film transfer.  Tell everyone there they do really good work.

I don�t think theres™ any more movie film in my family, so this 4th project is probably the last.  But then, I thought the same thing before�

Dave W.

From: Allison
To: Quote@film-to-video.com
Subject: Confirmation of video


I received the DVD, which was made from my Standard 8mm movie .  It looks fabulous.  I will be sending a check for the balance during the upcoming week.

Thank you.


From: Chris P
To: Quote@film-to-video.com
Subject:  DV

Dear Carol and Bruce,

I received both packages today: 3 DV Virgin and 6 dvds (2 each of 3 volumes).

Many thanks for your wonderful work and customer service.

I'll definitely recommend you as video film transfer comes up.

These restored movies will be a hit at our parents 50th wedding anniversary and family reunion gathering.  What a treasure.

Blessings to you,

Chris P

From: Craig L
To: Quote@film-to-video.com
Subject: Ship Virgin Masters


Received my DVDs and backup masters just fine.  They all check out OK.  Please go ahead and ship my Virgin Master miniDV set.

Please also pass along my thanks to Bruce and everyone at film-to-video.com for their outstanding work.  I couldn't be happier with the DVDs and miniDVs.  They are everything I hoped for and more.


Craig L

From: Pam H
To: Quote@film-to-video.com
Subject: Burn my final copy

Hello Carol,

Thank you for the package of our family's home movies. All looks well so please burn the final Virgin Master set of miniDV.

Pleasure doing business with film-to-video!


> Hello,
> I received the 2 confirmation DVDs and spent an enjoyable
> afternoon watching pictures I haven't seen in years. I am very
> impressed. The quality of these pictures were excellent, even better
> than when I viewed them with our old projector.
> There is nothing that's needs further attention or correcting.
> I live in the country, so I will not be able to mail the check
> for $400.00 until tomorrow. I have it stamped,
> addressed and ready to go.
> I'm looking forward to seeing the remainder of my films on DVD.
> Sincerely yours,
> Sharon M

> -----Original Message-----
> To: Quote@film-to-video.com
> Subject: Receipt of Materials
> I have received the MiniDV Master Backups, film, and DVDs. All DVDs
> play correctly. Thank-you for your service. I'll be sure to
> recommend you to other family members.
> Sincerely, Jon W

From: Dave
To: Quote@film-to-video.com
Subject: DVDs great -- proceed with tapes

I viewed the three DVDs that arrived on Wednesday.  As with my previous projects, you�ve done an amazing job with film that wasn�t very good.  I�ll mail a check for $474.00 on my way in to work tomorrow morning.  Please proceed with the remainder of the project� one set of MiniDV tapes, one set of Digital8 tapes, and the rest of the DVD copies.

Dave W

From: TB
To: Quote@film-to-video.com
Subject: Re: My project

Hello Carol,

I received my shipment today and previewed all the DVD's and they all play.  You can now ship my "Virgin Master" MiniDV set to complete my project.

My thanks to the team for a job well done.


Threse B


From: Jimmy M
Subject: Confirmation Video Review for Jim M


I have reviewed the confirmation DVDs for my project.  All of the videos look good, especially considering the condition of some of the film.   Please proceed with burning the reminder of my DVDs and sending them along with my Backup digital master tapes.  I understand that I will be shipped the Virgin Master tapes once I have confirmed that I have received the Backup Copies.  I am mailing a check today for the final payment of $135.00.

Thank you again for a wonderful job,

Jim Mc

From: HERB J
To: Quote@film-to-video.com
Subject: to Carol

     fantastic   go ahead with next volumes. Can't wait to see the finished product.

                  Check for $400 is in the mail

                                                                 Thanks               Herb J


From: Pam H
Subject: Burn DVDs

Hello Carol,

Just reviewed the S... dvd set - TERRIFIC!!

Go ahead and burn the final sets. I will mail the $185 balance today.

P.S. Did I understand correctly that we get 5 DVD copies of the Master?. There are 5 S...... who would like their own copy.


From: Dan & Deb
To: Quote@film-to-video.com
Subject: Approve project

I have sent the total pay-off amount.  Thank you for the wonderful job!  We were AMAZED at the quality and clarity, you lightened up some that were so dark we really had never seen them before!

We did watch the entire set on Sunday.

Thank you for preserving our memories!

Debra S


To: Quote@film-to-video.com
Subject: Burn the DVD copies

Carol / Bruce; Please proceed to finish my order. I mulled over removing a few scenes but decided against it. The quality is excellent. I was originally a sceptic about your web site claims. I thought a lot of the footage would not be able to be copied. I only regret that I didn't have a better quality camera.

This is truly a high quality service that you offer. I intend to recommend you to my friends.


Charles L

P. S. The music  was also great.

From: Jeff G
To: Quote@film-to-video.com
Subject: Jeff G. order

We checked over all our dvds™ and they all look fine so please send us the virgin master� miniDV.

Thank you for offering such a quality service and for being so professional.

I would refer you to anyone needing such a service.

Jeff G

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Louis P
> To: Bruce
> Subject: Video Project
> Bruce, I am so sorry on not e-mailing you after your last mailing. I
> thought that I had done that but obviously I didn't.
> Anwway, the results were excellent. Thank you for all that you are
> doing for us.
> Lou P.

To Bruce:

Just read (for an hour or so) all the info (!!!) you provide on your website

So much info you give others deserves a big:




After the experience I had with the CD's -- We were married in 01 and a girlfriend did a cd of JPEGS for us as a gift. Wow I was surprised when three years later I couldn't open the CD to view my Wedding JPEGS. This was three years after we were married.

Thank you for your websight, a lot of info and details.


Subject: Burn the DVD copies

Carol / Bruce; Please proceed to finish my order. I mulled over removing a few scenes but decided against it. The quality is excellent. I was originally a skeptic about your web site claims. I thought a lot of the footage would not be able to be copied. I only regret that I didn't have a better quality camera.

This is truly a high quality service that you offer. I intend to recommend you to my friends.


Charles L.

P. S. The music  was also great.

Subject: Great Job Bruce

Hello In New Mexico,

And thank you so very much for your exquisite work on my assorted films.  I have received and viewed the finished DVD's you sent to my son and which have now found there way into my home in France.  Having things digitally reproduced will allow me to cut and paste, provide my own special music, and of course insert a narration where called for.  What a kick!

 Please take this email to be the confirmation you need to complete the master tape and disks.  When ready send them to my son in AZ.  His address is:


Bruce you and your superb secretary (Edited: Business Manager), Carol, have a great thing going.  I have found your work to be impeccable.  I am here in France for the summer but were you to be here you would be drinking the best champagne in the land.  Bet on it.

Signing off from France I remain your devout customer,

Lynn  G.

Cc: Bruce
Subject: Teresa, shipment received

Good Day, Bruce & Co.

    Received the package today, tested the films in my camera, and everything is great!

go ahead with box #2.

    We have treasured, quickly, the results and I am eager to scan in all my old photos, combine with this video and do digital scrapbooks for the kids!   

    As I mentioned, you will see some business come your way from relatives.   In fact, they are talking about handing it to me to process with you, since we have the experience!   Hope it happens soon, as there is "vintage" material of us in there as well!    We are thrilled with the quality of the results and the extreme care and precautions you take with your customer's precious video.   Please quote us on your web sit if you like.

Jim & Teresa

John M.

Subject: Thanks

Not sure if this is the proper email address but I just wanted to say that everything turned out to be just as good (even better) as I had expected...thank you very much for the great service.

John M.

To: Quotes from film to Video
Subject: Re: order - FTVQ20FF8


It's that pesky  preacher from out on the frozen plains of Kansas, checking in about my film to DVD order that we started back in 2006.

I hope this goofy winter hasn't chilled you too badly and that you made it through your Christmas rush.  I'd like to see your part of the country at winter sometime.

  Back in October you sent Vol. 1 of my order -- the first confirmation DVD -- in order to preserve the film with vinegar syndrome, and I couldn't be fore pleased with your work product!!  I thank you sincerely. 

We spoke once about my aunt who was dying of lung cancer in California; she passed away New Year's Eve.  I was on the phone with her just before she went to heaven.  She saw the DVD (I sent her a bootleg copy -- I hope that's ok!!).  She wanted me to thank you personally and tell you how meaningful it was for to her to see her younger family days and happy times and to be able to view the films with her children and grandchildren at Christmas.  I will be forever grateful to you!


I look forward to the next installment of DVDs whenever you can get them.  Do you need more funds?  I note that you have not cashed my first $300 check yet.

Thanks again, Bruce, for the kind, caring service.

Tom M.

Hi Bruce!   Thank you for your reply. Sorry, but I am neurotic by nature.  I got Carl's message yesterday about the copies being mailed out on the 15th.  And, I was very surprised to hear that the "J..." project was finished as well.   I liked the background piano music you included in the DVD. For me, I feel a sense of lost innocence watching home movies from Standard 8mm movie film. There's no sound but you can fill in the picture with your own memories.  The music was just the right touch.   I referred your services to a couple of friends who saw part of our project.  Once again, thank you so much.   Happy Holidays to you and yours.

I forgot to tell you that the DVD was absolutely AWESOME!!!!, My Father loved it and it took him back to the time when my Brother and I were children. I can not believe the clarity and quality of your work. I will definately refer you in the future to my colleagues.


-- Lonnie J.

Dear Carol, Bruce, and everyone at film-to-video.

Thank you so much for your top quality film transfer to video of our family home movies. The picture quality is excellent (although the film for one reel was poor, it was the film, not your film transfer (the one time I didn't use Kodak processing)). And the music is quite moving - and fits so beautifully.

Please proceed in preparing the rest of the media. My family has asked me to do all our other reels - I estimate nearly 150-200 small reels, and several 5" or 7" reels - some regular 8. I'd like to do it in batches, rather than send you the complete set.

 Your recommendations are welcome.

 Thanks again!

-- Barney C.

Hi,  just wantedell you to go ahead and burn my dvd copies.  Got the confirmation video.  It was awesome.  You guys are amazing!  Thanks!

-- Rob S.

Dear Bruce and Carol,

I received my DVD confirmation discs on Saturday, and had time to review them over the weekend.  To say I was pleased with the results would be an understatement.  I was amazed at the reproduction quality of the color and brightness for film conversion that in some cases is over 50 years old!

Please let this letter serve as my approval to proceed with finishing the project and find enclosed my check for $190.00 for the balance due.

My best regards and thanks for a job well done,

-- Carroll W.

Your service and finished product is fantastic. I had a Standard 8mm movie film & Super 8mm movie Film-Transfer Mill convert all my movies to DVD and they did what I thought was a good job. Then I stumbled across your website. Your tutorial convinced me that I needed to have you re-do all my home movies (2 batches of over 50 reels each). There was no comparison to the quality you produced. The detail was so much finer, the colors were more vibrant, and I was shocked at how much film the 8mm Film-Transfer Mills™ has cut from my finished product. If it had not been for your tutorial, I would have thought my film -to-VHS-to-DVD was an archive and I would have lost so much of my precious memories.

-- Stewart D.

Please give my thanks to Bruce for a remarkable job on the home movies to video. I am greatly appreciative of his talents. Best Regards,

-- Lester G.

Thank you for your service. I'm very pleased with your product and will not hesitate to recommend you to someone else. I'm looking forward to sharing the DVD's with my family.

-- Ray & Anna B.

Dear Bruce & Carol,

Many thanks for the special care you have taken to ensure delivery of the DVD-transfers and films (while preserving a backup master-copy) -- that is hugely thoughtful. Half of my grandfather's memoirs were lost since those precautions were not taken, so I am aware of what this level of attention to detail can mean to such treasures. The (first) box arrived just fine and, while we have not had a chance to review any of the videos, the first ("proof"-set) was great fun. Thank you all again, heartily. (And, of course, it okay now to send along the last set.)

We hope you have a great and gentle summer -- productive, but not harried, and with time to enjoy your families.

-- Roger W.


Thrilled is an understatement. How can I thank you and the technical staff at film-to-video enough? When we discovered over fifty reels of Super 8mm movie film shot in the 1960's and presumed lost for over 30 years, I wanted to convert this family treasure into a state-of-the-art media. Not just a DVD to pop into a player; but, true digital video to preserve the full fidelity of the original film in a format that could be combined with other media to create new memories.

I did my homework. First, I read your terrific tutorial. Then using my newfound knowledge, I called local shops. What a surprise. Sure they would convert my film to a DVD, but a master DV tape was out of the question. I also checked the web. I found do-it-yourself techniques to film off projected images... forget it! And, I found other film conversion web sites. But, FTV won hands down. Only you provided a comprehensive explanation of repair, cleaning, conversion, and reproduction processes and services. My favorite is your "Dirty Film Transfer Secrets™" Section.

Today my original Super 8mm movie film is safe in a fireproof storage. Using my master mini-DV tapes I've started creating my own DVD projects for my family and friends. When I'm asked how I do it, I always give FTV a plug. I couldn't have done it without you.

Keep up the great work.

-- Ed A.

As for comments on the video being what I expected, it actually wasn't... It was far better than anything I expected!!!

I put the DVD you guys made in and started watching and I noticed the clarity and colors immediately. I thought surely it couldn't be that different from the one my Dad had done last Christmas, so I threw in the DVD from the other folks. My jaw literally dropped when I saw the difference. I was (and still am) absolutely floored. He paid more for his film transfer and got a (this is the nice way of putting it) really crappy DVD out of it. I know this is what you guys said happens with 8mm Film-Transfer Mills™ and that you said you hear this kind of thing all the time, but hear it from me, you guys are awesome!!! I'm thrilled!

-- Cheryl C.

I loved the background piano music. For me, I feel a sense of lost innocence watching home movies from Standard 8mm movie film. There's no sound but you can fill in the picture with your own memories. The music was just the right touch. I referred your services to a couple of friends who saw part of the my project. Once again, thank you so much.

Happy Holidays to you and yours.

-- Jennifer.

I have been very pleased with your service & product. Bruce is correct; your work is in a different universe than the usual film to DVD mills.

-- Norman P.

I am an extremely satisfied repeat customer. You did an excellent job on my 16mm several years ago. Feel free to use me as a reference. I know I was very nervous shipping my precious film to you the first time and would be happy to offer my experience to others.

-- Steve T.

It was a pleasure working with someone who did exactly what you said would be done. If you need a reference don't hesitate to use me.

-- Jack G.

I would like to say how pleased I am with the DVDs. I'm so happy that I decided to do this and am very lucky it was Bruce and film-to-video.com that I chose to handle it. Your company will come very highly recommended to everyone I know.

-- Jana G.

I just want you all to know that my family and I are thoroughly delighted at the quality of the film transfer of our home made movie film to DVDs that your firm has accomplished. It was a very positive and rewarding experience dealing with a professional outfit such as yours and you can be assured that we will recommend your work to others we know who are also considering film transfer.

-- Jack G.

I must tell you that the results of this film transfer are stupendous and beyond my wildest expectations. Please compliment your staff upon their fine work.

-- George N.

Thank you so much for your attention to my order. I know you must be horribly busy with other requests but you've made me feel like my order is the most important one you have. Bruce's "philosophy" regarding home movies and their preservation is what initially impressed me about your company; your attention to customer service reinforces that mindset. You've kept me informed every step of the way and your (and Bruce's) thoroughness is greatly appreciated.

Everyone has memories of the past but these old home movies represent a physical manifestation of those memories that allows us to pass them on to others; it allows future generations to truly see things through our eyes. Because of that, they are precious to their owners and I thank you for treating them with the same respect that we feel for these irreplaceable items.

-- Richard F.