Bundled Offer
Movie Film: Super8, Standard 8mm, 16mm

ReMastered™ Virtual Video™

Einstein: Director of Marking

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Liberated-For-EVER™ Liberated Transfer for HDTV & Internet

Special Offer & Discounts

NOTE: This offer applies to Movie Film only -- NOT for Video Tape.

Family Starter Package:

This "bundled offer" gives a family or business

  1. Basic Archive System Components
  2. to re-create a variety of video products -- Just For FUN --
    1. with something for everyone!
    2. with something for every type video device!
    3. with something Now and Liberated For EVER!
  3. to replicate all or parts of their entire video library --
    Liberated For EVER™
  4. to store their entire video library in at least one location.

For Budget Conscious Business or Fixed Income Family:
Heavy Discounts Under Option 4 in Your Quote:

Just because you are "on a budget"...

We offer

We adjust our production cycles

What You Receive In This Bundle:

1)Liberated ReMastered Video:
(Better than "captured video")

We Re-Master AND Liberate your movie film
to "device-free", "media-free"
Liberated Video™ Product Files

This means THE DIFFERENCE between

Liberation takes product form as

NOTE: Any company can give you "master files" -- which you can not play and your kids will never be able to use; AND "rip" DVDs that are VHS tape quality. (You know I'm right!)

2) Custom Clip-by-Clip Color Enhancement: Our Color Artist will Color Enhance (not just "color correct") -- your film images -- better than your original film.

3) True-to-Life™ Motion™ , True-to-Live Speed™ , True-to-Beloved Voices™

4) Liberated Video™ Products and
Physical Video™ Products

For preservation and management of ALL your Liberated Video™ files

For Liberated DVD Disc-IMAGES & MP4 Social-Media Files

Physical-Products Your Receive

Liberated Products You Receive

Other-Products Included

Important Note:

In Archive Science Theory, you MUST have 4 CLONES of the same data -- 2 clones in one location and 2 clone in another location -- to be able to have a "true archive".

Obviously, giving you only ONE hard drive or only ONE "high capacity" Flash Drive (in this bundle) -- IS NOT AN ARCHIVE! If you drop our drive, you can "wipe out" both the "Liberated drive" along with the hard drive "host".

With this "bundle" YOU need to make the other 3 Clones YOURSELF -- to be safe -- which is something we want you to learn to do; however...

If cloning "drives" is NOT YOUR THING, then you need to let us make at least TWO CLONED Liberated For EVER DRIVES -- until you can find friends or family to make the other TWO or MORE cloned drives.



ALL THE ABOVE FOR $300 per finished video hour PLUS cost of "customized" storage media and shipping.


The difference Commercial and Domestic Rates is the "production and delivery scheduling".

Domestic Discounts:

20% discount off "Commercial Rates" -- if you agree to take delivery "at our leisure" (see option #4 on your price quote).

Volume Discounts:

The more movie film footage you have, the lower the price of foot of film. Sliding Scale starts for projects over 30 minutes long.

The Early Bird Discount

$50 discount -- if you ship your project to us within 10 business days of receiving your quote
(see Early Bird Discount Option #4 only, on your quote) -- you may request a time extension on this offer -- to get your project organized -- just call us and ask.

Total Discounts keep us competitive with "inferior services" that offer "only DVD discs".



If you have "damaged film" -- "damaged sprocket holes" or "vinegar syndrome" -- which means extra "labor" -- we will advise you and let you approve any extra costs -- above and beyond the "bundled rate"; however, you might be surprised at what we can "work with" -- at very little -- if any -- extra cost.

NOTE: If there is any variance to, or deviation from, this offer -- in your personalized quote -- please let me know -- so we can be faithful to this offer.

NOTE: Our R&D Department is always ahead of our Marketing Department. Until we can update our Price Quoting System, the term "transfer" or "film transfer" will actually mean "Liberated Transfer".

Thank YOU,


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