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Virtual Concepts and Terms:

You are already familiar with -- and using -- many "virtual products".

To name a few...

Virtual products are flooding our lives!


What exactly is a Virtual Realiy Product:

A technology shift has taking place which demands a paradigm shift in thinking.

An example of "A Paradigm shift in Thinking"

When your grand parents looked into the sky as a child, all they THOUGHT they were looking at were STARS.

Enter a Paradigm Shift in Thinking... many specks of light are galaxies.

NOW, most school children Looking into the night-sky. realization that any one tiny speck of light may NOT be "just a star" but may be -- in reality -- a galaxy of stars -- larger than our own Milky-Way; a galaxy -- a galaxy that was there long before there were any eyes upon Earth to see it; and a galaxy that will be there -- long after there is nothing left of Earth itself.

Virtual-Reality: The NEW paradigm shift within the digital sciences is a technology-shift, called Virtual-Reality -- where data itself takes on a "non-physical state-of-being" of its own -- independent of any one medium -- independent of any one device -- existing in a DIGITAL-STATE-of-Being" -- "PRACTICALLY AS IF IT WERE" -- in a PHYSICAL-STATE-of-Being.

VIRTUALLY means "practically the same as".

In that context, a Virtual-DVD, is a 100% DIGITAL-STATE DVD -- that exists and functions and can be transported -- "practically the same as" a "physical DVD dics".

In fact, the plastic disc, itself -- is NOT the DVD. The actual DVD is

  1. the "digital disc image" BURNED into
  2. the plastic disc!

They are two different things!

If you did NOT already know that, you may have just had -- a Paradigm Shift in Thinking -- and you can NOW and NEVER AGAIN look at a physical DVD the same way!

Could the "DVD disc image" be "burned" on a memory chip -- and work as a Solid-State™ DVD?

Sure it can. You can even put your entire Home Movie collection (library) of DVDs on a little flash drive! You can use it to play the DVD disc images or even "burn" more physical DVD disc!

That is exactly what our Home Movies-N-a-Flash™ (drive) is all about!

And we empower you to make as many of these Solid-State DVDs as you and your family could every want!

In fact we encourage it; because the more copies you give to other family members -- the better chance some of them will survive the ages! Why?

Anything in a "Virtual State" has the potential to exist FOREVER!
This is another paradigm shift in the Video Archive Sciences.

I mean, stop, and think about it...



Introducing the Sustainable:

Virtually For EVER™ Home-Movies™ Preservation-Library™

Virtually For EVER™ Library (for short).

Virtual-Imaging™ 8mm 16mm Film Video Tape

Virtual-Imaging™: Transforming "Physical-images" into "Media-FREE™ Images" -- with "Universal Compatibility" -- and long term "Family Sustainability".

The following are a few terms and definitions:

"Film Transfer" Companies create video archives from movie film (in theory).

  • Film-Transfer™: Temporarily re-embodying (capturing) an image FROM one a physical medium ONTO another physical medium; A kind of Image-Reincarnation™ (without any religious connotation). Image life is tied to both media longevity AND media-player longevity.

    Example: A physical Film transfer (capture) to a physical DVD disc -- where the images (like your family home movies) are again re-embodied (captured) -- until the failure (death) of the DVD disc (2 to 5 years) OR the DVD player dies or until the DVD Disc Player Industry itself fails.

    Exapmple: A recent fatality in the Music Industry, was CD Music Discs -- not because CDs or CD-players failed, but because the marketplace failed -- to support them -- voting with dollars in favor of "virtual-discs" and "virtual-disc players" -- in the flavors of Apple and Blackberry. Have you seen any CD stores -- or CD/bookstores -- lately? Have YOU sunk to stealing -- "STRipping" -- your own CD library -- as virtal-discs -- with iTunes or Windows Media Player?

    If you have, then what comes next will entertain you.
  • If you have not, what comes next will cause the needle on your paradigm meter-- to shift -- but I warn you, if that happens, you will NOT "get over it".

  • Film Liberation™: To lift or resurrect or free an image from is bond or bondage with a physical medium; and TRANSFORM IT INTO a Media-FREE™ Digital-State-of-Being (i.e., a Virtual-State™);

    The act of giving physical images (like your family home movies) 100% digital existence (i.e., Virtually For EVER™):

    A kind of Digital-Existential-Realization™ (without any religious connotation); To Liberate-Images™ from movie film into their own FREE™ Virtual-State of digial-being - potentially forever.

    Comment: Yes, you have seen NetFix and the stars in the sky -- but did you "Real-Eyes™ what your were looking at -- when you saw it?

    Example: A Film Liberation™ gives moving images Virtually For EVER™ -- as in the creation of a Virtual-DVD (i.e., as a Disc-FREE™ Device-FREE™ DVD -- needing no physical disc -- to exist; and needing no physical disc player -- to play);

    Having Virtually For EVER™ frees the Virtual-DVD for Cloud-Cloning™ and Strategic Replication™ -- to assume new "virtrual-state" and new "physcial-state" products;

    For Example: A Virual-DVD can easily transdescend into a embodied physical-state
  • Once Liberated a DVD Disc-IMAGE is

    (You may blink now...but stay tuned for this...)

    Image longevity is no longer a question;
    Image longevity is a decision.
    To transend; or to transfer;
    To be; or NOT to be;
    That is the quesiton.
    How to do it,
    is Virtually-POSSIBLE...

    Dumb-Drives™ and
    Dumb-Files™ and

    A bunch of "Dumb-Video-Files™" on a "Dumb-Drive™" is USELESS to most people, because after being attached to a computer -- the Dumb-Drive™ does nothing!

    The Dumb-Video-Files™, if you can find them, offer the layman no intellegent clue as to

    Even if you "figure it ALL out", you will find the Dumb-Drives™ and Dumb-Videos™

    A Dumb-Drive™ with Dumb-Video-Files™ does NOT qualify as a Virtual-Archive™.
    It qualifies as USELESS -- to your family -- NOW AND IN THE FUTURE!

    The only thing DUMBER than

    FYI: Our Virtually For EVER™ Library and Virtually For EVER™ Files -- are very SMART™.

    For Example: 4K Video on a hard drive is NOT a Virtual-Archive™. Plug the drive into, "...what kind of computer, with what kind of boards, and what kind of display, with what kind of software? And then what?" Most families do not have the knowledge nor the equipment to use 4K video files. They just want "to play video" -- but they can't even do that! But if they could, they would find the 4K video is poluted with artifacts from "hyper-formating" tiny 8mm film. This is a DUMB-Transfer™ -- looking for Dumb-Money™.

    If you just grabbed for your wallet, you can save both your wallet -- and the general part of your annatomy you just grabbed -- by reading Tutorial: Resolution (or how to save your money and your copyrighted assets).

    Virtually For EVER™ Home-Movie™ Library™

    Is a true "Virtual-Archive™", ALL family members can play and use!

    Specifically YOU and YOUR family Can

    And you get a "down-sized" version --

    Technically, it is "Virtual" -- so YOU CAN NOT SEE IT;

    HOWEVER, we ship it to you on a

    From there, you can -- litterally load it -- all over the world!

    Universally Host-Compatible™

    Your Virtual-Archive™ will be around

    Virtual-Archive Management Tools

    Tools Are Used To

    Specifically YOU and YOUR family Can

    Tools Are Part Of Virtual-Archive™

    "Home-Movies™ are NOT just for home, any more!"™
    "Home-Movies™ are Virtually For EVER™!"™

    Virtually For EVER™ Library™

    Virtual-Imaging™ Services and Products

    Our Definition of Liberation:

    1. To FREE™ images
      1. from any Physical-State™ (medium or disc), and
      2. from any Physical-Device™ (player/recorder); and,
    2. Re-Create a pure, 100% Digital-State™ Virtual-Product™ (IMAGE™)
      1. which is Self-Containerized for universal use
        1. QuickTime container
        2. AVI container
        3. Disc Image (img, cdr, ISO)container
        4. MPEG-2 (DVD) container
        5. H.264/MP4 (Blu-ray/MPEG-4)container
      2. which is Device-FREE™
      3. which is Media-FREE™
      4. which is FREE-TO-Reproduce for others
    3. Add-VALUE™ to the Virtual-Product™
      1. making it better than its original physical state
      2. making it more functional than its original physical state
      3. making it digitally-clonable and
      4. making it physically-replicatable

    For Example: A device or software "dependant", proprietary video file -- which we call a Dumb-File™ -- is NOT a Virtual-File™.

    Most Dumb-Video-Files are dependant on specific video editors, or players, or legal considerations.

    To be "Liberated" a format must be "packaged" in a

    "Universally Compatitible Digital Container"(UCD Container™)--



    We "Transfer" movie film to "Liberate" Moving Images

    Better than your original movie film or video-source™

    Virtual-Home-Movie™ Library:

    Protects YOUR Virtual-Copyright-Assets™

    Most people do not know they have "Copyrigh-Assests" when they contract to have a video product, like a DVD disc, made.

    Copyright-Assets are, in our case,

    Copyrite Assets ARE MORE VALUABLE than the video product itself.

    Protects YOUR Physical Discs:

    Quality Assurance Motto:

    "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" Policy.

    Post-Sales Family Support Motto:

    "Once a Client; Always a Client"

    Virtually For EVER™ Library™

    DVD Discs are last decades' technology.
    Recordable DVDs NEVER WERE and ARE NOT NOW "archive worthy"!

    We make thousands of DVD discs each year! However...
    We do NOT sell DVD discs -- even "archive gold" type DVD discs -- as being "archive worthy".

    Welcome to this decade with our...

    Virtually For EVER™ Home-Movies™ Library™ System:

    Exceeds the Standards of the National Archives and The Library of Congress!

    Plus Plus Plus Media-Tools

    The typical product mix pictured above:


    The word "virtual", as used here, denotes a "Digital-State" NOT dependent any one physical media for its existence.

    The word "archiving" means the ongoing process of preserving movie film and video -- long term -- for functional use.

    The word "system", as used here, denotes many components

    1. unified in ONE PURPOSE - the purpose of REPLICATION -- Forever.
    2. However we have built FUN-ctionality™ into "the system".

    Old archive strategies

    say -- "to insure longevity -- spare no expense to hold and protect -- the video media". In the computer industry, magnetic tape and backups were the foundation of long term storage. Tape had disadvantages. It was slow to use, bulky, and used a dated transport system.
    Example: Minium Archive: 2 master tapes -- stored in a vault.

    New archive strategies

    say - "to insure longevity

    1. FREE Video Data from traditional video media -- like discs .
    2. Make the video archive a Self-Contained System -- With 3 major elements:
      A) Video Storage -- with enouh room for expansion,
      B) a Tutorial -- on How to Use and Duplicate Videos from the Archive, and
      C) a Video Media Player-- to periodically review and test videos.
    3. Diversify Home Movie Videos into different video formats -- according to the different ways people use videos.
    4. Make the video archive cheap and easy to share and duplicate -- with friends and family. For those who have an interest in preserving the video archive -- give them a complete copy of the archive -- with "archive masters".
    5. As media technology shifts, and since your video images are NOT tied to any one media (virtual), future generations of your family can simply adapt the Virtually For EVER™ Library™ to the newer technologies -- thus the process of "archiving" continues indefinitely into the future.
    6. Make Archive Expandable. "Archiving System" implies that you and future generation can ADD new video to your Virtually For EVER™ Library™ -- in the future -- using what we have done -- as an "archiving" guideline.
      Our Virtually For EVER™ Library™ is part software, part tutorial, part strategic archive planning, part storage technology from last decade, and part technology from this decade.

    The Foundation of our Virtually For EVER™ Library™

    is what we call Virtually For EVER master files For HDTV-- Your Home Movies which have been IMAGE™ and Color Enhanced for HDTV. Your Virtually For EVER master files For HDTVare used to make ALL "other video formats"in your Virtually For EVER™ Library™. Each video format targets a set of functional uses -- by different family members.

    Some video formats targeting preservation and editing.
    Some target use with HDTV.
    Some target legacy technology (like DVD players).
    Some target Internet use.
    Some target the need of cheap and easy sharing (distribution).

    With our Strategic Video Archive System you can make ALL the products below --
    as many as your entire family will EVER need -- FOREVER!



    Virtually For EVER™ Library™ -- For-EVER!

    Virtually For EVER™ Library™ Drives™ (pictured above)

    Virtually For EVER™ Library™ Drives™

    are custom loaded (as ordered) with...

    are also loaded with...

    You and your family can duplicate your Virtually For EVER™ Library™ Drives™ --

    IMPORTANT NOTE: To have a "true archive" you MUST have at minimum 4 mirrored" Virtually For EVER™ Library™ Drives™ -- to truly protect your videos!
    We EMPOWER YOU to do this, however, if you are uncomfortable with duplication hard drives, we can do this for you, too -- upon request!

    Last, but not least, these products are FUN -- to USE and SHARE!

    Virtually For EVER™ Home-Movies™ N-a-Flash! - For-FUN!

    Home Movies-N-a-Flash™ Drives as Soild-State-DVDs

    (For Movie Film Transfers Clients Only)

    Solid-State™ DVDs are here.

    Better yet, just duplicate the Home Movies-N-a-Flash™ Drive!

    Home Movies-N-a-Flash™ Drive for Social-Media

    Virtual-DVD Disc-IMAGES™
    Physical Blu-ray Disc-IMAGES™


    Our Virtual-DVD are

    Every DVD made from a "Virgin-State", Dual-Pass Rendered, Disc-IMAGE Virtual-DVD will be the absolute "The Best" it can be!

    Bottom Line: The concept of a DVD on ONLY a disc -- tied to a DVD player --

    Physical DVD Discs
    Physical Blu-ray Discs

    So what if they are "out-dated" -- I love my DVDs and Blu-ray discs!
    I know how to use them -- they look great on HDTV!

    Note: NO SINGLE-PASS STRipping!

    Actual media products pictured above are representational only

    Of different styles and technologies available.

    Actual media produces delivered --


    will vary according to

    1. availability,
    2. newer & better emerging products becoming available, and
    3. according to client's storage needs and requests.

      For example, new solid state products are appearing weekly.
      For example, 250Gb Flash Drives are replacing 250Gb Hard Drives.
      For example, USB-2 devices are being replaced by USB-3 devices.


    To Virtual-LIFE™ Virtual-Home-Movies™ Library-Drive