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Dirty Little Secrets™:

Until we got into 'redoing" the work of "other studios" -- for domestic clients -- we did not realize that there is a "dark and ugly side" of the Film-Transfer Industry -- in the domestic market - which I call "8mm Film-Transfer Mills".

8mm Film-Transfer Mills do NOT strive for "high commercial integrity", but rather strive with "intent" that, in my opinion, is "negligent", "discriminating" against minors, women, and the poor, if not "fraudulent".

Film Transfer Sales Traps

8mm Film-Transfer Mills™ do NOT want you to know:

  • Their Production methods deprive clients of Copyrighted Assets
  • Partial-frame formats are sold as "master files"
  • DVD discs are sold as an "archive medium" -- in obstruction of National Archive Warnings
  • Hyper-format tiny 8mm film to oversized video formats -- introducing artifacts.
  • Use Old-fashioned Pull-down patterns for small format films -- introducing "IMAGE™ judder"
  • Introduce Time and Motion Distortion - not in the client's movie film.
  • Omit Dual-Pass Rendering for DVDs -- robing clients of "master file quality" -- which clients pay for.
  • Pollute film images with "Raw Light"Scanners -- transferring "scratches" as "raw light", not "soft light"
  • The limiting fact to resolution is "the size of the silver halide grains -- in your film -- not the "scanner". Most scanners have more than enough lens integrity to optimize focus and resolution. The lens used to "shoot" the original film IS the limit of how sharp your film can be.
  • A Video Format TOO LARGE for the small frame of 8mm film will DEGRADE QUALITY. See my tutorial on How Film and Video Work. A film should be "best matched" to the video format -- to optimize quality. Then modern Post-Productiong Technologies CAN work wonders -- with what your give them to "work with".
  • Automatic White Balance and Black Balance of "single-pass" telecine machine stip out the "natural color tempreature" of your movie film. The force "lighter colors" to become "white" and they force darker colors to "black" or "blue" ro "magenta" casts. Forget the subtle colors of early morning or late afternoon. Forget the "color of sunlight" the "pale-cyan (blue-green)" of the sky and "blue-green' of the ocean. All these color ARE in your film, but forever forgotten in your video.
  • Perverted Sales Pitch: Transfer Mills
    • avoid long term "preservation and quality" issues
    • and creat "staw man" issues infavor of over-rated, "single-pass transfer equipment" --
      which is the ONLY FACTOR they have -- to influence "quality".


Many factors contribute collectively to the quality of your final video IMAGE™ from movie film.

Only ONE medium important factor, is "film transfer equipment" -- used to capture a film image.

However, when a company can ONLY contribute this ONE FACTOR to your final images, then this ONE FACTOR becomes the MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR "transfer mills" have to sell to you -- "when selling you the moon" -- which is -- more often than not -- NOT PURE WHITE and NOT PURE BLACK!

8mm Film-Transfer Mills™ do NOT want you to know:


AUTO-WHITE BALANCE AND AUTO-BLACK BALANCE: Do-it-all-in-one-pass (single-pass) film transfer equipment use Auto-White Balance that forces ALL "near white" colors to "pure white" -- thus distorting the dynamic range of "natural, True-to-Life™ colors". They use Auto-Black Balance that forces "long light wave" colors (like navy blue) to BLACK.

NO RED AND GREEN SHIFT CORRECTION: Do-it-all-in-one-pass film (single-pass) transfer equipment does NOT correct Red and Green shifts. The dye in most legacy movie film has shifted colors with Reds and Greens toward the Blue spectrum.

2:3 PULL-DOWN JUDDER: Do-it-all-in-one-pass (single-pass) film transfer equipment use 2:3 PULL-DOWN shutter patterns that add extra frames to your SMALL FORMAT FILM which cause irregular, staggered-motion -- called JUDDER -- into the motion of your 8mm and 16 mm film images. This because these machines were originally designed for film shot at 24 frames per second. YOUR 8MM and 16MM film was shot at 16 FRAMES PER SECOND! YOUR Super 8 movie film was shot at 18 FRAMES PER SECOND! Some "8mm Film-Transfer Mills" actually charge extra for 2:3 pull-down -- taking the public for fools!

20 Frames Per Second Equipment: Do-it-all-in-one-pass (single-pass) film transfer equipment (not 2:3 pull-down) transfer both Super 8 movie film and Standard 8mm movie film at THE WRONG SPEED. 20 Frames Per Second Equipment introduces

  • Motion Distortion -- not in your original film
  • Speed Distortion -- not in your original film.

FILM GRAIN ARTIFACTS: Do-it-all-in-one-pass (single-pass) film transfer equipment "grossly over-sized" video formats -- like 4K and RED format -- is called "Hyper-Formating". Hyper-Formating pollutes your original, tiny 8mm images AND "large grain", legacy 16mm movie films. More on this in Dirty Little Secrets™ Page 2.
Why? Movie Film images work VERY DIFFERENT than Digital Video images. There is a very small window of compatibility between movie film and digital video -- ESPECIALLY WITH SMALL FORMAT MOVIE FILM!

RAW LIGHT POLLUTION: Movie film was designed to be view on a "silver screen". The silver screen "masked" and "diffused" all but the deepest scratches in the IMAGE™ -- as "neutral grey" Scratches. Most Do-it-all-in-one-pass "scanners" -- which are actually "old projectors with an enlarging lens and mirror" -- force "raw light" into the smallest scratches of your film. These "bright, raw light" Scratches are then recorded DIRECTLY FROM THE FILM -- into your video. Thus "Do-it-all-in-one-pass" equipment LIGHT POLLUTES SCRATCHES -- in a ways that film images were never intended to be viewed.

Dirty Film Transfer Secrets™ are revealed by only abusive "business models". We can only disclose our business model as a "leader in the industry", and let you contrast our "business model" within that of the "8mm Film-Transfer Mills".

"8mm Film-Transfer Mills™" want you distracted by the "decision making" process. Details -- which are distraction the uneducated -- from the important issues -- like the quality and preservation of your movie films. These details include:
  • Features of Do-it-all-in-one-pass (single-pass) film transfer equipment

  • "Service Levels" -- sold as colors -- like "Platinum, Aluminum, and Lead" -- which places the "level of quality" upon YOU -- not them.

  • Price Levels which "steer you" toward a service level "Transfer Mills" actually CAN provide -- at emotion provoking pricing.

  • Which Over-Sized Video format is right for you -- like 4K format.

  • "Archive" or "non-archive" type DVD discs -- despite the fact that The National Archives and the Library of Congress says, "DVDs should NOT be used for "archive purposes".

8mm Film-Transfer Mills™ do NOT want you to know:

8mm Film-Transfer Mills violate NATIONAL ARCHIVES AND RECORDS ADMINISTRATION (NARA) standards and guidelines for archiving which say:

  • CDs and DVDs are not an archival storage medium. Do not rely on them to store permanent records.
  • CD-R/DVD-R have an expected life expectancy of only 2-5 years, far shorter than the published claims of many manufacturers. Test them every 2 years to be sure they are still readable. Unrecorded CDs and DVDs (properly stored) have a useful shelf life of between 5 and 10 years.

Any studio selling DVD DISCS -- AS AN ARCHIVE MEDIUM -- is defrauding you. DVD manufactures will NOT warranty the "longevity" of YOUR DATA on their "archive DVD" -- no matter if it is "gold" or if the word archive is used in the name of the DVD disc.

  • Recordable "archive gold" type DVD discs store data in the "dye layer" of the disc -- NOT IN THE METAL FOIL LAYER. Nobody will "warranty" your data on these disc!
  • Any studio selling DVD DISCS -- AS AN ARCHIVE MEDIUM -- are implying that THEY are selling "VIDEO ARCHIVE SERVICES"; therefore,
    • they have the liability to follow NARA ARCHIVE GUIDLINES; and
    • they have the liability to warranty YOUR DATA on THEIR "archive DVD"; and
    • if they do NOT "put it in writing", their claims of archive services and products are fraudulent!

The following "recording standards" were established in the NIST/Library of Congress Optical Disc Study - which developed technology and techniques -- to burn a DVD that MIGHT preserve DATA up to 45 Eying Modeled Years -- statistical aging factors for ONLY temperature and humidity. Bottom line, DVD recorders do NOT work like a Hard Drives; and DVD discs do NOT have the integrity of hard drives.

  • The RECORDING PROCESSS pollutes the "dye layer" and the "spiral recording track" of DVD discs and transforms (claims of) a 45 year or more "shelf life" into the reality of a 2 to 5 "real-life" years of "data life".

  • Incompatibilities of DVD discs to DVD Recorders causes "short data life" on DVD discs.

  • "8mm Film-Transfer Mills" do NOT have DVD Disc Burning Stations (DBS) CERTIFIED to match "a specific" recordable DVD and

  • "8mm Film-Transfer Mills" do NOT have DVD discs, WARRANTIED to match their Disc Burning Station (DBS).

  • "8mm Film-Transfer Mills" do NOT "cull" DVD inventories of inferior DVD discs -- so that each DVD is WARRANTIED to start out with PI error rate of under 100 errors PER DATA BLOCK.

  • Proof of this is, "8mm Film-Transfer Mills" nor "DVD Manufactures" nor "DVD Recorder Manufactures" DO NOT WARRANTY the longevity nor the integrity of YOUR DATA on discs marketed as "ARCHIVE GRADE" DVD DISCS.

Lean more at How Pigs Fly and DVD Longevity Soars

Learn more at National Archives Abandons DVD discs for Archive Purposes!

Learn more at National Archives FAQ

8mm Film-Transfer Mills™ do NOT want you to know:

  • A true "archive format" is a "full-frame" format which means EVERY FRAME OF YOUR MOVIE FILM is preserved as a SINGLE DIGITAL PICTURE. Partial Frame Formats like MP4, MPEG-2 -- rely on Key Frames -- to recreated a Group Of Pictures (GOP) -- as part of a LOSSY COMPRESSION SCHEME. If the Key Frame is lost or damaged, the entire Group Of Pictures is LOST FOREVER. This is NOT an archive.

  • Typically, "ARCHVE SERVICES" of "8mm Film-Transfer Mills" consists of
    • sell a DVD ("STRipped" in a single-pass) and
    • selling an MP4 internet file (STRipped from the DVD) --
    • both are PARTIAL FRAME FORMATS --
    • neither of which are archive worthy formats --
    • both of which have less "true IMAGE™" detail than your original movie film.

8mm Film-Transfer Mills™ do NOT want you to know:

DUPLICATING AN OLD DVD-R ONTO A NEW DVD-R gives you a NEW DVD that is "digitally" OLDER than the OLD DVD! This is because the NEW DVD contains

  1. all the 'ERRORS" of the OLD DVD(s) used to make it, PLUS
  2. all the NEW RECORDING 'ERRORS" from the NEW RECORDING Process!

This fact can be concluded from the NIST/Library of Congress Study that was based on the fact that DVD Recorders are NOT standarized and create so many data errors -- in a single recording -- that the DVD disc, imediately after recording, is 2 to 5 years away from data failure of some kind.

Making a NEW DVD from and OLD DVD is a self-defeating process.
DVD disc duplication
is a "no win" ARCHIVING proposition.


SIDE NOTE: YOU MOST LIKELY OWN "Expiring-DVD DISCS" -- made in this way -- which contain your priceless photos and videos!


YES, "video archive companies" -- like Wal-Mart, Walgreen, Costco, YesVideo and ALL other "Transfer Mills" use "dye layered" DVD discs -- which NARA warns "...are not an archival storage medium. Do not rely on them to store permanent records".


8mm Film-Transfer Mills™ do NOT want you to know:

When you allow a third party to make a DVD -- DIRECTLY -- from your video tape or movie film,


This does NOT happen in the Professional Movie Film Industry or Professional Video Production Industry!

Why does it happen in the Consumer Archive Industry?

ANSWER: In my opinion, this is "legal discrimination" against

  • minorities, women, old people, and poor people --
  • who do not have "legal expectations" --
  • because they do not know they have "legal rights" --
  • and therefore these people are denied
  • their "commercial rights" and "copyrights" --
  • rights which are assumed and enforced
  • under laws of commerce and copyright law
  • when ALL of THEM purchase "legal, commercial" archive services.

Example: When I make DVDs for a Fox client, or NBC client, or a PBS client -- if I were to NOT give them their "master files" and give them their "disc images" -- created in the process of making their DVDs -- they would sue me!

Yet, "commercial discrimination" against minorities,

  • women, old people, and poor people --
  • called "shopper" --
  • happens every day, all day long, all over the country --
  • in the Consumer Video Archive Industry --
  • in "big-box stores".

Any "archive service or product company" who deprives YOU,

  • the buyer of archive services,
  • of YOUR copyrighted assets..
  1. Has damaged YOU; and,
  2. Has damaged YOUR departed loved-ones who entrusted YOU with their images and,
  3. Has damaged YOUR children -- who will cling to video WITH YOU IN THEM; and,
  4. Has damage ALL FUTURE GENERATIONS -- depriving them of their visual heritage -- and all rights thereof.

These are very BIG damages -- to each and every family!

Yet the rights of these trusting minorities has never been championed in a court of law.

Why NOT?

Is there a conspiracy to wipe out the visual heritage of minorities?

8mm Film-Transfer Mills™ do NOT want you to know:


  • COPYRIGHT ASSET: Create a Primal-Film™ master files (meaning first) "Video Master File" -- the digital equivalent of your original Standard 8mm movie film or Super 8mm movie Film Transfer -- or Video Tape -- source.
    From that...

  • COPYRIGHT ASSET: Create and enhance "master files" -- which is to say, enhance the IMAGE™ and COLOR of the Primal-Film™ master files (above) to create a new "files" that achieves the highest HDTV standards possible.
    From that...

  • COPYRIGHT ASSET: Make Disc-IMAGE™ files using "Dual-Pass RENDERING" to make "end-user products" -- that give the client "full quality" of the "master files".

    Like a Virual-DVD Disc-IMAGE™ -- producing the "highest quality" that the MPEG-2 Standard will support.

    Like a H.264 Blu-ray Disc_IMAGE™ -- producing the "highest quality" that the H.264 video Standard will support.

    Like a H.264/MP$ file -- producing the "highest quality" that Internet video quality will support.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Can you see that "STRipping" disc products -- at this stage -- using a "single-pass" method -- deprives a client of most of the video quality which was PAID FOR -- in Steps above?

    If a client can NOT actual "watch" thier "master file" on HDTV (which they can NOT) -- but if they can only "watch" DVD or Blu-ray discs - made from the "master file", when will they EVER see the quailty -- that they PAID FOR -- from their "master file"!

    STRipping discs; Rips-off the client!

  • The "Virual-DVD Disc-IMAGE™" -- is PERMINANT -- and can be used to "burn" ALL FUTIRE physical DVDs and Liberated DVDs.

    The "Blu-ray Device-FREE™ Disc-IMAGE™" -- is PERMINANT -- and can be used to "burn" ALL FUTIRE physical Blu-rays and "Liberated" Blu-rays.

REMEMBER THE 3 V'S: Liberated Virgin-Video™ (VVV™)

Liberated: Free of any "physical device"

Virgin: Unadultrated by "recording or physical" errors

Video: Made Dirctly from you Highest and Best "master file"

Important Note: All physically "recorded" DVDs will be full of "Recording Errors", however, your DISC IMAGE™ -- has both qulit and longevity of the VVV™. All DVDs made from your "virgin" Disc-IMAGE™ -- for ALL generations to come -- are THE BEST THEY CAN BE -- because they ALL come from the same "virgin", "Liberated" Disc-IMAGE™ Source.

Also, the Liberated DVDs -- themselves -- can be copied and shared. ALL family members, too, can burn DVDs -- which are THE BEST THEY CAN BE.

8mm Film-Transfer Mills™ do NOT want you to know:


"RIP" reels of film -- or video tape -- "composite input jacks" of a DVD Recorder. This is damaging to quality.

  • Most "Film Scanners" work this way!
  • ALL COMBO Decks (VHS to DVD) work this way.

MORE IMPORTANT: There is NO "DVD Disc IMAGE™" file made in this process -- so you can NOT refresh your DVDs every 5 years -- as advised by IBM and the National Archives.

MOST IMPORTANT: There is NO "Master Video File" made -- so you do NOT own the digital equivalent of your ORIGINAL film.


8mm Film-Transfer Mills™ do NOT want you to know:

"8mm Film-Transfer Mills"Selling "archive gold DVD discs" are selling "professional archive services" -- beyond any shadow of doubt. As such, they know, or should have known, the warnings of the National Archives, and they should pass those warnings -- and risks -- on to you!

This is especially true if

  1. your Standard 8mm movie film or Super 8mm movie "goes bad" or
  2. you 'throw your film away" -- because you think you don't need it any more -- because you have an " archive DVD".

8mm Film-Transfer Mills™ do NOT want you to know:

News: Just like the CD "music" disc industry disappeared over-night,
the DVD and Blu-ray "DISC" industry is quickly fading away.

"Disk IMAGE™" technology is obsuring physical discs

  • by way Solid state" media and
  • via the Internet
  • like Netflix, and iTunes TV, etc. --
  • Liberated technology is swamping
  • the physical DVD disc and
  • physical Blu-ray disc industry.

I love my DVDs!

  • But, but I rarely use them --
  • since NetFlix.