Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

FAQ: Could you explain some of the terms used to describe you products?

Product Terms and Descriptions :
To understand what you are getting in your project, we describe our products in terms of a library. Books come in sets which have volumes. Like a "set of encyclopedias".


A set is "ALL your films -- from beginning to end". A Set of your project, assumes we are saying "a complete set".

For example: Most people understand a" Set of china" or a" Set of books" means -- a "complete set' -- which means something with ALL the parts.

ALL the reels of your movie film is -- your "Complete Set" of Home Movies.

6 sets of DVDs means, "6 complete sets" of your "home movies".


A Volume is simply "a part" of "a set". A "volume" of an encyclopedia would be "one book". Not all the books are the same length.

For your convenience, a set of your home movies is broken in to relatively equal size "volumes". We try to keep a volume between 55 minutes to 60 minutes long, however, in rare cases, rather than having an extra 20 minute volume, it is better for the client to have a longer volume of 80 minutes.

For example: A 3 hours set of video may have 3 volumes that are 1 hour per volume.
If a client orders DVDs, Blu-rays, and MiniDV tapes that would mean they would receive:
A (complete) set of DVD Discs.
A set of Blu-ray Discs.
A set of MiniDV tapes.
Each set would have 3 volumes -- roughly 1 hour each.


Just like our Commercial Clients, we perform work for Domestic Clients in stages -- called Production Cycles.

Just like a Commercial Client, our Domestic Clients preview work performed for them -- each Production Cycle -- in their own business or home -- on their own equipment -- before they make their next payment -- to move their project forward.

They know exactly what they are getting and know it works on their equipment.

Since DVDs or MP4 files are made from video "Master Files", the commercially accepted wisdom is that the "Master File" will look EVERN BETTER. So, approval of a DVD or MP4 file is also "approval" of the video Master File -- and all other products made from the video Master File -- like Blu-ray discs.

From the time we start a new Production Cycle -- until the time we receive a payment -- is roughly one month.

For "small projects", there is only one Production Cycle -- before we make ALL the products -- from "approved video".

For "large projects" (greater then 1.3 hours), there may be several Production Cycles before the project is Paid-In-Full.

Once paid in full, we can then make all the products from the "approved video".

Meanwhile, the Client keeps and uses products sent to them for approval.

After we have ship clients their entire library of products, we keep their video-files in our database for 30 days -- so clients can confirm ALL their video produce are working properly.

Once clients receive their "Home-Movies-For-EVER Drive, they must make a backups their drive -- or arrange to have us make backups for them.


Device-FREE™ Liberated DVDS™:

Also known as

Disc-IMAGES™ are the "digital architecture" that makes a "plastic platter" become a "Blu-ray or DVD disc". Without Disc-IMAGES™, a plastic disc is just a "coffee cup coaster".

Our Home Movies-N-a-Flash™ Drives™ are "Liberated drives" hosted in a Flash Drive.

Loaded with "DVD Disc-IMAGES, a Home-Movie-N-a-Flash can be considered a Solid-State DVD Library.
They require

  1. No physical disc player or
  2. No physical disc drive
  3. to play or
  4. to record Disc-IMAGES™ files.


What is a Disc-IMAGE™ (disc image)?

FAQ: What comes in a typical Liberated DVD™ Archive?

A typical Liberated For EVER Transfer for Movie Film includes:

Primal-Film™ master files:

1 Set of Primal™ master files -- with Color Guard

Digita-Film™ master files For HDTV

1 Set of Liberated Film master files For HDTV as Progressive Scan for HDTV

EVERYTHING THAT FOLLOWS IS MADE FROM your Liberated Film master files for HDTV.

Liberated For EVER™ Library™

1 Each Home-Movies-For-EVER™ Drive is include in price of your project -- with the exception of very small projects.

Home-Movies-For-EVER™ Drive is a "Liberated drive" hosted on a

Both of which can store the same amount of video -- up to 250Gb (April 2015).

The Following Products are loaded on your Home-Movies-For-EVER™ Drive:

The Following Products are loaded on both...


Home Movies-N-a-Flash™ Drive (above)

1 Home Movies-N-a-Flash™ Drive (examples above) with Liberated DVD™ Disc-IMAGES™ and MP4 Library™. This is the Solid-State DVD Library we talk about.

NOTE: Because Flash drives are overtaking "Liberated" Drives in size (250Gb) and speed, on smaller projects, we may substitute a "Flash Drive" for a "Hard drive" -- to save you money.

1 set MP4 Social-Media™ videos for the internet and small video devices. Small files for fast transmission.

1 Set DVD Physical-DISC™ "confirmation DVD" -- No different from DVDs "copies" below. This is the DVD you approve -- before making final payment(s).

5 Sets DVD Physical-DISC™ physical discs "copies" (add the confirmation DVD set above to these sets -- for a total of 6 complete sets of DVDs)

1 Set Liberated DVD Disc-IMAGE™ -- Your Master-Disc-IMAGE™ from which ALL other DVD are made or will be made.

Watch it, copy it, burn it, upload it to the cloud.


Blu-ray Discs and Liberated Blu-ray™ Disc-IMAGES™

Can be "special ordered" on any project, but looks best on "movie film".

1 Set Blu-ray Physical-DISC™ True HD for HDTV

1 Set Device-FREE™ Blu-ray Disc-IMAGE™ - for making more Blu-ray Discs Device-FREE™

Our Blu-rays are "true" High Definition Blu-rays burned in the least compressed H.264 HD format possible.

(End of typical sales order)


MiniDV™ Master™ Tape set�

MiniDV Camcorder uses MiniDV tape



FAQ: Why so many DVDs?

FAQ: But I want to edit my master files first, then burn DVDs.

FAQ: Do I have full copyrights to all my products?


FAQ: Do I get my movie film back?


FAQ: Can I copy the DVDs, Blu-rays and MiniDVs you send us?

FAQ: Can I edit out parts I don't want to keep?

FAQ: What format is the MiniDV Tape in?

The family of MiniDV is DVCPro. The branch of the family used for MiniDV tape is the DVCPro25 Interlaced -- some times called DV Stream. DVCPro25 is the industry standard used by all MiniDV camcorders and MiniDV linear editing decks and "full size" DV Cassets.

FAQ: Is MiniDV the "file format" of your "Master Files"?


We use DVDPro Progressive -- also of the DVCPro family.

DVCPro is a "family of video formats" ranging from DVCPro25 through DVCPro HD (16:9). The "Progressive Scan" version of the DVPro family specification is at the upper range of the DVCPro specification -- and still widely used and accepted -- although being displace by LARGE format codec like 4K and RED video formats and more Universally Compatible formts like ProRes -- which is actually a (Liberated) "container"

DVCPro family use to be tied to professional digital broadcast tapes, hard drives, and memory cards; however, when "digital tape" and "hard drives" for cameras gave way to solid state drives, the formats became "Universally Compatible" with all non-linear editors. The DVCPro family is a diversified mix of VERY GOOD "full-frame" video formats -- to archive "old" images based on the 4:3 picture aspect ratio. DVCPro was "leading edge" digital video -- before video formats for HDTV were invented (or adapted).

DVCPro Progressive can also be "containerized" (Liberated) as AVI and MOV files -- which most non-linear editors recognize.

Your Liberated For EVER Video Master Files are are a variation of the DVCPro Standard -- with Progressive Scan for HDTV in 4:3 aspect ratio. This is a "Best-Match" for tiny 8mm film before getting into hyper-formatting and artifacts. Panasonic P2 is one example of this -- which was designed for "hard dive" and "solid state" camcorders.

We also use Apple ProRes 422 for Liberated For EVER Master Files -- with special consideration - for equipment and client objectives; however, the ProRes Codec is not accessable to most "home grade editors"; DVCPro is.

FAQ: What is your COMMERCIAL BROADCAST pricing like?

Our Commercial Rate -- For Commercial Clients-- BEFORE DISCOUNTS:

Volume Discounts affect prices after the 1st hour of video.

FAQ: What is your DOMESTIC CONSUMER pricing like?

Domestic Discounts of about 20% off Commercial Rates (above) apply if a client is agrees to a "flexible" delivery schedule with cyclic production.

Just like for a Commercial Client, this agreement has the advantage of a "pay-as-you-approve" business model -- viewing DVD discs in your own home on your own equipment -- before paying to move your project forward -- like a series of "test reels".

Because of this very reasonable pricing and payment plan, we usually have 3 to 4 month waiting list before we can start projects -- after we receive them. We use this time to repair, clean, and then gently relax (to flatten) your film -- for optimal image quality.

Value-Added Product Bundle: To further save clients money, we bundle our product lines which we consider "essential" to a secure "Liberated archive". The "typical order" above -- if bundled -- would save a client hundreds of dollars -- if purchased separately, at the "Commercial Rates" -- especially with larger orders.

Value-Added Quality: We add extra value in the extra time it takes to "custom" Color Enhance your images -- clip-by-clip. This IS an added-value -- and a difference -- you will SEE between the Primal-Film™ Master File and the Liberated For EVER Master Files of your Liberated Home-Movies. We take the extra time you give us -- to "do it right".

At the end of the day, we feel clients get MORE than they pay for; and we still earn an honest day's work.

To find out what YOUR project will cost, just send me a request for a quote. You may be pleasantly surprised.

FAQ: Do you ever offer Discounts or Specials?

Yes, Clink this link Liberated For EVER Home-Movie™ Library Promotional Link