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So why is Liberated "Better" than Physical?

Liberated Products Last FOREVER!


1) Liberated Products are "liberated" (freed) from any one physical device or medium

  • The "life" of your home movies is (now) tied to the "death" of the medium they are on.
  • Your home movies are (now) "captive" to dying movie film or "captive" to dying video tape.
  • The worst thing you can do, at this stage, is "transfer" yoru movie films or video tapes to DVD discs -- to "protect" your movies.

Let me give you a clue. We NOW have a service that "salvages video" from recordable DVD discs and Blu-ray discs! Hint; hint!


Don't shoot me, I am just the messenger...

National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)
Warnings to the General Public about DVD for long term storage:

Who tha'heck is NARA?

NARA is THE FEDERAL AGENCY that sets "guidelines" for protecting ALL Federal Records within ALL Federal Agencies -- including the Library of Congress and The State Department.

NARA not only "protects" many records -- as a national "watchdog" -- but NARA has "very big teeth"!

For example, NARA challenged the "archive procedures" for Hillary Clinton's e-mails. You know the rest of the story...

To protect consumers, NARA has recently revised their warnings on CD/DVD -- from 2 to 5 years -- down to 1 year, as follows:

National Archives: Current Public Advisory:

Recordable (DVD) optical media have widely varying life expectancies. It is not entirely uncommon for some discs to become unreadable in less than 1 year. Relying on recordable discs to last for generations is probably not viable.   

SOURCE: http://www.archives.gov/preservation/formats/video-condition-assessment.html     

Burned (recordable CD-R, DVD-R, BD-R) discs make use of an organic dye layer in order to record data and are typically less reliable because this dye is more susceptible to degradation over time. Recordable CDs, Blu-rays, and DVDs have proven to be fairly unstable over time, and are deemed a bad choice for long-term preservation.

Source: http://www.archives.gov/preservation/formats/video-important-characteristics.html

NARA Abolished the Use of Recordable DVD disc for Storage of Federal Records

One month after Final Report of the NIST/LC Optical Disc Longevity Study -- which proved

  • DVD Recorders are the main reason recordable DVD fail and
  • a "recordable DVD" can statically last 45 years; however, ...
  • for day-to-day "archive practices" none of us have
    • the custom made disc recording technology nor
    • the money nor
    • the team of engineers required
  • to make DVDs last 45 years!

NARA blasted the FINDINGS of NIST/LC Optical Disc Longevity Study --

  • right out of the Federal Guidelines
  • thus banning the use of recordable DVD discs for long term storage (more below)!


Forget Why!

If you are using CDs and DVD for long term storage -- you should PANIC, NOW -- run, not walk, to your CDs and DVDs -- to see if they will even play -- say nothing of play all the way through!

Learn more (later) at How Pigs Fly and DVD Longevity Soars -- plus a lot more dirty little secrets the "transfer mills" do NOT want you to know about DVD discs. You can find this information under DVDs: Lies, Darn Lies and Statistics (in the links above).

For now, the following Inter-Agency Notice is what you need to know...

National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)
Newsletter To Regional Offices

Optical Storage for Federal Records

Agencies are increasingly relying on optical storage media - CDs and DVDs“ for storage of business records and other information.
Here is a summary of NARA guidance -- which are now revised to 1 year -- not 2 to 5 years...

  • CDs and DVDs are not an archival storage medium. Do not rely on them to store permanent records.
  • CDs and DVDs are made up of various layers of materials and are subject to physical, mechanical, and chemical changes that may render them unreadable in a relatively short period of time.
  • Recordable CD-R disks store data by means of organic dyes, compounds that degrade over time. The CD-writing process permanently alters the optical properties of the dye, changing the reflectivity of those areas. When the disk is read, light pulses are translated into data that can be interpreted by computer systems. Direct sunlight accelerates the degradation of the CD-R dyes; heat may cause the CD-R structure to break down.
  • CD-R/DVD-R have an expected life expectancy of only 2-5 years, far shorter than the published claims of many manufacturers. Test them every 2 years to be sure they are still readable. Unrecorded CDs and DVDs (properly stored) have a useful shelf life of between 5 and 10 years.
  • Store CDs and DVDs upright, like a book, in jewel cases designed specifically for them.
  • Cool, dry, stable storage conditions--62-70° F, 35-50% relative humidity, the same as office environments comfortable for stagnated the useful life of CDs.
  • Prepare a detailed inventory of the files on each CD or DVD, including information sufficient to identify individual records. Include the name and version of the software application used to create each file on each CD in the inventory.
  • Verify the CD contents: 1) Read the disc immediately after writing to it and before storing it, to verify that your files were actually written to the CD and are readable. 2) Know that the discs might only be readable on the specific drive that produced them; test this. 3) The data recorded on CD-Rs or DVDs should not be zipped.
  • Be aware that changes in computer hardware, operating systems, and software may render CDs/DVDs unreadable even if they have not chemically or physically degraded.
  • Due to their instability, and depending on the retention period of the records stored on them, CD-Rs containing Federal records will need to be periodically refreshed to avoid loss. Your agency will need to develop policy and processes to assure access to electronic records stored on these media.
  • When records reach the end of their retention period, or if damage occurs to media during storage, the media will need to be destroyed so that data are irretrievable. Shredding or disintegrating them will render their information contents unreadable and the confidentiality of the records will be protected.


We give our clients Liberated DVD™ Disc-IMAGES™ -- which our clients can use -- to make new DVD discs -- thousands of them if they so desire. If a DVD "goes bad" or "gets flaky", our clients just burn a new one! We FREE both YOU and your VIDEO from the DVD Disc Trap!

By "Liberating" video for the DVD standard, we have created a new DVD product -- called the Solid State DVD™. We have branded Solid State DVD™ as the Home-Movies-N-a-Flash™ Drive.

Our re-invention of the DVD product line, PROTECTS our clients from DVD failure -- while allowing them to ENJOY traditional DVD technology -- as long as our clients want to use DVD technology. This technology goes light-years beyond copying a video file to a flash drive or hard drive.

But even Liberated DVDs also called DVD Disc Images -- are OLD NEW! There is now a step up from this technology!

If you have old (endangered) DVDs and CDs, we can "salvage" and "upgrade them" -- just like above!

  • But why stop with "Liberated DVD Disc-IMAGES"?
  • Why not Liberated Blu-rays?
  • Why not "Liberate" ALL video products?
  • Why not have...

A Diversification of Liberated Products that gives our clients "Universally Compatible" with "many" devices AND many media


For Example: Any of our "Liberated Drives" -- can be "hosted" -- on ANY storage device

which gives "new life" to your home movies -- across all the following media:

  • Internet Cloud Drives
  • Hard Drives
  • Flash Drives
  • Solid State Drives

Your "Home Movie Life" extends to "Universally Compatible" with

  • Mac and
  • PC and
  • Cell Phone and
  • All Internet Connected Video devices --

And yes, "one Liberated Disc" can be used to make millions of

  • Physical DVD discs and
  • Physical Blu-ray discs
  • Say nothing of "billions" more "Liberated Discs" -- FOREVER!


  • HDTV: 720/1080/2K/4K
  • Internet "Cloud Drives" (like Google Drive)
  • Social Media (like facebook, twitter, etc.)
  • Family Websites (we can give you HTML5 Code to do this)
  • Gaming Devices -- like PlayStation, XBox, Wii (see below)
  • AND MUCH MORE (See Our List of Custom Devices below)

How Liberated Products Can Last FOREVER:

The "life" of your "Liberated Products" are not tied to the "life" of any ONE physical-product.

For Example: We have layered each of our Liberated Products inside of a Liberated Container -- to insolate each of our Liberated Product from the life span of any one "physical media or physical drive".

We have also created a "Liberated drive" -- a Liberated library for ALL our products -- which itself can be hosted on ANY type drive -- Hard Drive, SSD, Flash Drive, Memory Card or Cloud Drive -- now available -- or available in the future.


The strategy of protecting data by "replicating" a physical hard drive is NOT a new idea, unfortunately, the OLD strategy of replicating a physical hard drives does NOT liberate the data from physical requirements of the hard drive;


"Liberated Drives" are NOT dependent on any one physical drive.

Thus the duplication of "Liberated Drives" frees the data from physical constructs -- opening the door for data to be stored on ANY DEVICE or ANY MEDIA (large enough to contain the entire "Liberated drive").

Liberation extends longevty -- by use of digital replication -- from HERE and NOW -- to ANY STORAGE MEDIA in the FUTURE -- Liberated For EVER™.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Use of an M-Disc still requires you archive a DVD or Blu-ray "player" -- with your M-Disc. One good acratch on the M-Disc... your video is gone, gone -- because your video is "captured" to your M-Disc.

The better idea is Liberate your Video -- and OPTIONALLY use physical M-Disc.

For Example: Placing a "Liberated DVD™" inside a "Liberated Drive™" extends the use of the Liberated DVD to ANY "physical storage device" OR any "physical media". The NEW medium of DVD can now be functional not only on physical DVD discs (and M-Disc), but also on Solid State Drives, or "Cloud Drives".

Multiple "Liberated Disc" duplications is a far better "logevity strategy" than any "physical disc duplication" strategy -- which is also dependant on "multiple disc players", too -- which most people forget.

Each "Liberated Product" has a life of its own -- with one purpose -- PRESERVATION!

  • A Liberated Master File (for editing) Preserves "Maximum Resolution" of your "movie film" -- FOREVER!
  • A Liberated Dive -- (for storage) Preserves all your "Liberated Video�" content -- FOREVER!
  • A Liberated DVD (for burning physical DVDs)-- Preserves DVDs video -- FOREVER!
  • A Liberated Blu-ray (for burning physical Blu-rays) -- Preserves Blu-ray video -- FOREVER!

We call this New Innovation to Video Preservation -- Liberated Layering™.

We are the first and only company to

Layer Liberated Products in side of other Liberated Products!

  • "Liberated Files™" or
  • "Liberated Discs™" inside of
  • "Liberated Video� Libraries™" inside of
  • "Liberated Drives™

Liberated Layering™ frees them ALL the Liberated Products above
from the "death" of any one PHYSICAL device or PHYSICAL medium
when "reproducing" the "Liberated drive" among family members

thus "Liberation" GIVES YOU

  • "diversity" across ALL physical devices and mediums -- NOW; and,
  • "diversity" across ALL physical devices and mediums -- that will EVER BE INVENTED IN THE FUTURE --

LAYERD-Liberation™ insures

  • Video Preservation
  • Liberated For EVER™!


Once you start "reproducing" your "Liberated libraries" -- giving them to family members -- to "reproduce" for their children -- and their children's children -- PRESERVATION OF YOUR MEMORIES becomes "a reality" -- via "Liberated reality" - Liberated For EVER™!

4) Liberated Products Cost NOTHING to Reproduce!

  • Copying your entire "Liberated library" of home movies onto another family member's hard drive or flash drive -- costs NOTHING!
  • Uploading your entire "Liberated library" of home movies to a "cloud drive" -- cost NOTHING!
  • Downloading your entire "Liberated library" of home movies to any drive on the planet -- cost NOTHING!
  • Our tutorial guides you through the process.

5) Our Price for an entire "Liberated Library™" of your home moves

  • Cost about the same price as most companies charge --
  • for ONLY "a physical set of DVD discs".
  • Our "Bundled Special" -- is for any budget!

You Now Use Liberated Products -- All the Time:

iTunes Music, iTunes Movies, NetFlix, YouTube have done for the "Liberated Video�" Movie Distribution Industry -- what we (the first and only company) are now doing for your family or your business.

For Example:

Imagine having all your home movies available to your entire family via a "Cloud-Drive" -- in H.264/MP4 video format -- same a NetFlix.

Just give family members your "password", and they have instant access - any where, any time, on any device...

  • to watch home movies on-line -- like YouTube, NetFlix, etc., and
  • to drag-and-drop "Liberated DVDs"™ onto their computer; and,
  • to burn their own DVDs -- on any computer, anytime, anyplace; and,
  • to drag-and-drop your entire "Cloud-Drive" onto their Drive.

Stop Imagining: "The Future" of Home Movies -- is Here and Now!™

By converting your video to a "Liberated reality" products, your home movies can be preserved Liberated For EVER™! They ARE "Cloud Ready"™.

As for the "quality of your video"...

  • Our Professional Accomplishments are Second to None
    • as subcontractors with PBS, NBC, Fox and
    • The National Archive of many countries
  • Using our Multi-Pass Enhancement Process
  • Affords us confidence to guarantee
    • that your "video" will be "as good as" or "better than" --
    • "the source media" of your video images --
    • Or your money back!
  • Our "Pay-as-You-Approve" business model --
    • previewing video in your own home or business --
    • on your own equipment --
    • is an unequalled business model offered by any "transfer mill".

The Details About Products We Offer

Last Decade Favorites:

I will assume you know what these are for and how to use them...

  • DVD
  • Blu-ray

This Decade: The "New Norm": Video Liberated Products™ on

  • Solid State Drives
  • Liberated Drives
  • Cloud-Drives


Which we call

Home Movies-N-a-Flash™ Drive (for domestic clients)

Movies-N-a-Flash™ Drive (for commercial clients)


Note: For cell phone products above: Your cell phone "media player app" must be able to navigate a directory on a flash-storage device -- to load and play any specific video file. Please specify which 1) flash drive formats (Fat32/ExFAT/NTFS) and 2) please specify which video file formats are compatible with your cell phone. All features on our "Liberated drive" may NOT be compatible with some phones; however, we may be able to refer you to free, downloadable "apps" for for your phone -- especially iPhone/iPad (iOS) and Android.

Home Movies-N-a-Flash™ Drive

  • Home-Movie-N-a-Flash™ Drive empowers you and your family
    • to store many DVD Disc-IMAGES on one drive and
    • to play many DVD Disc-Images from one drive or
    • to "burn" many DVD discs from one drive or;
  • Home-Movie-N-a-Flash™ Drive can also be used
    • to "clone" the drive itself -- to any type storage device;
    • to "play" or "copy" MP4 videos anywhere (like on your cell phone below) or
    • to "off-load" the entire Home-Movie-N-a-Flash™ Drive to a family member's computer
  • You are aided to do all this by an On-board Tutorial
  • MANY Flash Drive STYLES ARE AVAILABLE - as you can see above and below --
  • That will appeal to any friend or family member -
    • young at heart,
    • the sophisticated, or
    • the just plain "silly"
Again, we can make any of these (and more) for you (special order) BUT...
We encourage you to buy flash drives and make your own Home-Move-N-a-Flash™ drives yourself...

Why? The whole point of our Liberated System is to empower you and your family to "reproduce" these "Liberated drives" -- so that your video archive can live on, generation-after-generation -- with your family.

Which brings us to our next product...

Home-Movie-N-a-Cloud™ Drive

  • Home-Movie-N-a-Cloud™ Drive "Liberated drive" is identical to your Home-Movie-N-a-Flash -- except
  • It is Hosted on a Google Drive -- FREE -- limited to 15Gb --
  • OR, if you already have a "cloud drive" -- free setup on your "cloud drive"

Home-Movie-N-a-Cloud™ Drive empowers you to share YOUR Home Movies -- literally -- with anyone on the planet -- instantly! As families spread over the continent and the world, this is the perfect product.

You will want your whole family to "drag-and-drop" this "cloud drive" onto their computers, flash drives, hard drives, etc. -- to begin a "family traditions" of "replicating" your "home movies" -- anywhere, anytime -- just for FUN!

However, this brings us to our next product -- which is SERIOUS BUSINESS...

"LONG TERM" Video Preservation (Archive) Products:

Home-Movies-For-EVER™ Drives

High Capacity Hard DriveHigh Capacity Flash Drive

Pictured Above:

  • High Capacity Hard Drive (left)
  • High Capacity Flash Drive (right)

OK, why are our drive different

  • sold by "film and video transfer mills"?


  • Our Drives contain "Liberated Drives"
  • which are filled with layers of "Liberated Products
  • which have their own on-board tutorial
  • which have their own video media player
  • both of which "start" (boot) -- from the "Liberated drive"

We are the first and only company to

Layer Liberated Products in side of other Liberated Products!

  • "Liberated files" inside of
  • "Liberated Discs" inside of
  • "Liberated Libraries" inside of
  • "Liberated Drives

Liberated Layering™ frees ALL the Liberated Products™ above
from the "death" of any one PHYSICAL device or an one PHYSICAL medium.

And part of our plan for your family, is to have at least 4 duplicate (cloned) drives so that your home movies are protected from the loss of any one drive. More on this later.

When a "Transfer Mill" gives you a "hard drive" --

  • the drive itself may be tied to ONLY a Windows PC computer
  • the video files may only work on Window Media Player
  • the master files may be tied to one software vendor -- like Sony's AVCHD files
  • or to some "proprietary format" -- like 4K or RED, etc.
  • in most cases there are NO "Liberated Discs" of any kind
  • THERE ARE NO Liberated Products
  • the "life" of YOUR home movies are "tied" to the death of the drive
  • the death of a software product



  • "diversity" across ALL physical devices and mediums -- NOW; and,
  • "diversity" across ALL physical devices and mediums -- that will EVER BE INVENTED IN THE FUTURE --


  • which insures Video Preservation
  • Liberated For EVER™!

For Example: We may format a hard drive for "Windows 7", however, that hard drive contains a "Liberated drive" that is compatible with Microsoft Windows, Apple OSX, Linux, and ANY OTHER OPERATING SYSTEM -- NOW -- or which will be created in the future!

OK, so what is it?

Home-Movies-For-EVER™ Drive is a Video Preservation-Library™

Home-Movies-For-EVER™ Drive is a Liberated Drive within a Physical-Drive

  • Life Span of the Physical Drive -- 1 decade -- if you are lucky.
  • Life Span of the Liberated Drive -- 1000+ years -- and counting!
  • Yes, you and you family -- forever -- can make copies any time to any device -- now or in the future.
  • This is true "longevity" -- that exceeds Standards of the National Archives (NARA) -- which only we offer.

Home-Movies-For-EVER™ Drive is NOT a bunch of "dumb" files on a "dumb" drive -- like other companies sell -- leaving YOU to "figure out" -- what the different video files are used for -- and what different software will work with them and -- if they will even work with a Mac or PC computer.

Home-Movies-For-EVER™ Drive is a Smart-Drive™ -- with self-contained Tutorial, media player and more! Your "apps" start (boot) from "your drive" -- not the host computer. This means, the host computer -- Mac or PC -- does NOT have to supply anything needed to view your movies. This means software that you know how to use -- is at your finger-tips -- anytime, anywhere, any computer -- PC or Mac.

We include ONE Home-Movies-For-EVER™ Drive -- to get you started. Then YOU and YOUR FAMILY will be able to clone MANY Home-Movies-For-EVER™ Drives.

  • Home-Movies-For-EVER™ Drive is itself a Liberated Drive™ --
  • hosted on a
    • USB hard drive (see below) or
    • high-capacity flash drive (see below) or
    • cloud-drive (like Google Drive)
    • or SSD (Solid State Drive)
  • Home-Movies-For-EVER™ Drive is Used to store, copy, clone, burn
    • your Liberated Video� Home-Movies
      • anywhere,
      • anytime
      • forever.
  • You can clone your entire Home-Movies-For-EVER™ Drive to ANY OTHER device -- (like SSDs or Google Drive) now and in the future.
  • You can use Home-Movies-For-EVER™ Drive to make your own Home Movies-N-a-Flash™ (Liberated drives -- see above)
  • Home-Movies-For-EVER™ Drive is compatible with both Mac AND PC Computers!
  • Home-Movies-For-EVER™ Drive can be customized for your family --
  • for PlayStation, WII U, and XBOX
  • for Windows PC which uses (NTFS) for your Master Files -- each over 4Gb each (which is the upper limit of FAT32).

Bottom Line: Since all our files are "containerized" for "Liberated" display and
because even our "drives" are "Liberated drives" ...

YOUR Liberated Video™ Archive is totally

  • Disc-FREE,
  • Drive-FREE,
  • Media-FREE (i.e., Universally Media-Compatible)
  • Device-FREE (i.e., Universally Device-Compatible)
  • Forever!

NOTE: To have a "true archive" you must have at least 4 cloned copies of your Home-Movies-For-EVER™ Drive. The more copies beyond 4 that you or your family make, the greater the probability that your video legacy can last -- Liberated For EVER™.

Making extra copies of your Home-Movies-For-EVER™ Drive is something you can do or we can do (by special order).

Other Custom Ordered Video Files For:

and many more video product options -- customized to YOUR FAMILY needs!



Home Movies on Last Decade Favorites...

YES, we make DVD discs, Blu-ray Discs -- Thousands of them; but
again, we empower YOU and your family to make them yourself, too!

  • Using your DVD Disc-IMAGE "Liberated Disc"
  • Using your Blu-ray Disc-IMAGE "Liberated Disc"
    • Note: DVDs require a DVD Burner
    • Note: Blu-rays require a Blu-ray Burner


Pictured Below:

128Gb flash Home Movies-N-a-Flash™ (drive)
can hold up to 25 Liberated DVDs and MP2 files, media player, and tutorial
can be used on any computer -- to clone itself, burn DVD,
and partitioned
for your PC and Mac and
for your Gaming Console
for your "other devices"

Just tell us what you need, and we do the work!

The "New-Reality™" for Transfers IS Liberated"™

The "New-Reality™" for Video IS Liberated"™
The "New-Reality™" for Storage IS Liberated"™
The "New-Reality™" for Archiving Data IS Liberated"™

Bottom Line:
The "New-Reality™" IS Liberated"™

Liberated For EVER-i-Video;
Liberated For EVER-i-Device™;
Liberated For EVER-i-ONE;
Liberated For EVER™

The "New-Reality™" IS Liberated For EVER™...

DEFINITION: Liberated Transfer™:

  • Converting physical, media-bound images
  • into Media-FREE™ Device-FREE™ Video
  • then making the NEW video Universally Compatible
  • with current technology and
  • with future technology
  • forever.

In other words, we "re-master"

  • your movie film and
  • your video tapes

We make products you can enjoy today and

We make products your family can enjoy forever.


  • ALL For about the same price as
  • A "film transfer to DVD"
  • With a 100% money back guarantee with
  • Pay-as-YOU-Approve Previewing
  • in your own home, on your own equipment.

Complete Preservation-Library Bundle (see special offer):

Products You Receive...

Physical Products:

    • Blu-ray
    • DVD Discs (6 copy sets of your project)
    • Hard Drive Video Library
    • Solid-State DVD

Liberated Drives (for cheap and easy cloning & duplication):

    • Home-Movies-For-EVER™ Drive (Liberated Drive -- hosted on physical drive)
      contains ALL Liberated Products including big files like
      Master Files and Blu-ray Liberated Discs (typically 1Gb to 25Gb)
    • Home Movies-N-a-Flash (Liberated Drive -- hosted on flash drive)
      contains the small files for every day use
      like DVD Liberated Discs and H.264/MP4 small device files
    • Both drives contain:
      • On-board Tutorial,
      • On-board Media Player,
      • 1000 Year Archive Plan,
      • The following Master Files options
      • The following Liberated Products

Liberated Products:

    • DVD Disc-IMAGE™
    • Blu-ray Disc-IMAGE™
    • Custom Master Files (see below)
    • Liberated Drives (see below)

Master File Options Availability for HDTV:

    • ProRes 422
    • DVCPRO Progressive
    • QuickTime
    • AVI
    • Or Your Custom Request
    • for 720p, 1080i, 2K, 4K
    • for H.264/MP4, MPEG-2 products (H.265 custom)

Services Included:

    • Clip-by-clip Image and Color Enhancement
    • Other:
    • Can be order in many shapes. sizes, themes, jewelry (see pictures below).

Click below for learn MORE...

Introduction to Liberated For EVER� Liberated Transfers™

M-Disc Facts: Before committing your video to M-Discs for archive purposes, consider the following facts - which in my opinon -- should be considered:

Bottom Line: In my opinion, M-Disc contributes "too little, too late" -- to save the DVD and Blu-ray Disc industry.

Bottom Line: Virtual-Discs are the superior archive medium to ANY-Disc™ -- requiring NO physical disc and NO physical player.

Addressing the "idiots" who insist that DVD are an "archive medium", NARA references the following "Longevity Study":

Adding YOUR Priceless Images to Our List of Accomplishments:

Our Clients Expect...

The highest quality Liberated Film Transfer possible

  • Custom Clip-by-Clip Post-production
    • Image Enhancement and
    • Color Enhancement
    • Separation from the "digitalization" process,
  • Images better than the original movie film --
    • or YOUR MONY BACK!
  • Using a Professional Pay-as-You-Approve Business Model
    • Previewing in your OWN Business or Home;
    • On your OWN Equipment

  • Each Liberated Disc Product in your Liberated For EVER Library
    • Has its own Universal-Liberated Container™(UVC™)
      • Allowing it to play, copy, clone, transmit, or "burned"
      • Using any computer platform or Liberated platform
      • Like Mac, PC, Parallels, Linux, Unix, etc.
      • Or Customized Requests

    • Liberated DVD and Liberated Blu-rays
      • for true Millennium Longevity
      • for Liberated Transport, Cloud-Cloning, Disc-Burning

    • Physical-DVD and Physical-Blu-ray
      • or family enjoyment
      • conventional gifting

    • MP4 Liberated Containers for WWW-publication

  • We protect our clients by refusing to provide services which are below our standards -- which might compromise a clients image integrity.

Professional Copyrighted-Asset Management

  • We give clients the "building block products" of "finished physical products"
  • Giving them Legal "ownership and possession" of
    • Video Products created in the process of making DVD, Blu-rays, etc.
      • like "master files"
      • like "disc images"
  • We Containerize these "assets" as true Liberated Products
    • Making them "device-free" and "media-free"
    • Truly Independent "Liberated" Products
    • Which can be duplicated and preserved -- Liberated For EVER™ --
    • Exceeding National Archive Standards
    • Exceeding Library of Congress Standards



"Consumers" are "Commercial" Clients, too!

We do not deprive Consumer Clients of their "legal rights and property" -- which we call Copyrighted Assets -- which Consumer Clients may not even know they have.

The practice of denying and disposing of Copyrighted Assets -- without the knowledge and agreement of a client -- is NOT tolerated in Commercial Archive Commerce;

HOWEVER, this practice IS "common practice" in Consumer Archive Commerce.

For Example: PBS, FOX, NBC, and Private Investors would sue me, if I am paid to produced a DVD for them -- without giving them

  • their Liberated DVD "disc image" (a foundation-product) -- and
  • their "master files" (a foundation-product) -- also made -- as part of the process - of making physical DVD Discs --
  • because Implied Copyrighted-Assets™ are foundation-products OF THEIR DVD!

By commercial standards,

  • the "master file" (foundation-product) is considered MORE IMPORTANT
  • than the "DVD Disc Image"(foundation-product) --
  • which is considered MORE IMPORTANT
  • than the DVD Disc (end product).


  1. The Master File is used to make "other" products -- like Blu-ray, MP4, etc.
  2. The DVD Disc-Image is used to make many (sometimes millions) of DVD discs.

The National Archives & Records Administration (NARA) says:

  • CDs and DVDs are not an archival storage medium. Do not rely on them to store permanent records.
  • CD-R/DVD-R have an expected life expectancy of only 2-5 years, far shorter than the published claims of many manufacturers. Test them every 2 years to be sure they are still readable. Unrecorded CDs and DVDs (properly stored) have a useful shelf life of between 5 and 10 years.

This "archive standard" creates a liability of disclosure, truth in advertising, and protection from damages (from DVDs) for ALL companies, especially those selling "Archive Services and Archive Products".

All this is "understood" to be "The Law of Commerce" in "Commercial" Archive Services and "Commercial" Studio Services -- and "understanding that ALL "Commercial" Clients -- and their lawyers -- enforce.

To vary from this standard for a "Single Mother" -- depriving her of her rights and of her Implied Copyrighted Assets -- is discrimination -- if not fraud -- since the DVD itself is a "temporary product" -- sold as an "archive product" -- a loss which will damage her entire family -- forever!

We assumed that YOU, the client, have implied or undeclared "copyrights" on YOUR home movies; and these copyrights extend to ALL foundation-products made in the process of making FINAL PRODUCTS -- from YOUR home movies -- ALL OF WHICH YOU PAY FOR -- when you "order a DVD" -- MADE FROM FROM YOUR HOME MOVIE FILMS OR VIDEO TAPES.

We also assume discarding YOUR Copyrighted Assets -- or charging YOU extra (twice) for them -- is WRONG! We believe in, "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you."

This why we, do NOT take production short-cuts -- that would deprive you of any Copyright Assets (another common "consumer archive" practice).

As Archive Consultants, we advise a client if they are requesting a method of production that would diminish the quality of their Copyrighted Assets -- like Hyper-Formatting a Master File from tiny 8mm film.

These types of "disclosures" are commonly omitted from "Consumer" Archive Services.

We have NEVER sold a DVD "as an archive medium"; but have always given clients their "Copyrighted Assets" to replace and reproduce EVERYTHING, as need or wanted.

Why is this Important To You?

The loss of your home movies is second only to the loss of a beloved family member.

Proof of this is that when families lose their homes (to fires, tornados, etc.) the first thing they look for are 1) other family members, 2) pets, and 3) pictures.

Home movies are a final connection to "lost loved ones" and "the times of a family's life". Just knowing "you CAN revisit the past" and "revisit living images of yourself and loved-ones" is an emotional comfort and security; And, when you are gone, your family will more-so cherish their home movies -- because they are the final, last link to you -- the next best thing to being with the "real YOU". Knowing YOU -- is a right of all future generations -- which we make happen!

Master Files and disc-images belong to a family -- by legal virtue of the family "ordering and paying for the creation of a physical DVD".

Giving a family possession of their "DVD disc image" allows the family to make replace DVDs and make AS MANY NEW DVDs -- as they need or want -- as are lost, or damaged; and as DVDs expire -- every 5 years, according to NARA; and,

Giving a family possession of their "Master Files" allows them to make "other products", like products for the Internet -- when DVDs are no longer the technical fade of the era -- to protect and preserve a family's Home Movie Archive Investment -- Liberated For EVER!

Why? Because, the DVD industry will soon be a footnote in history books -- like "music CDs" and "vinyl records" and "video tape" industries.

The BIG REASON is that having these Copyright Assets protects the family from fiscal or emotional losses and damages to the family -- due to the loss of their visual history in moving images. Family identity is important!

There is MUCH MORE to learn about Your Copyrighted Assets at this link.

My Point is,

All YOUR Copyrighted Assets are in YOUR
Liberated For EVER Home-Movie Library!

Our image preservation archive standards meet and exceed

  • The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) and
  • The Library of Congress

Namely, our Liberated For EVER™ Preservation-Library™ System

We are honored to add your "home movie" images

    • to our list of world-class accomplishments
    • to add your name to the names of our world-class clients
    • to give you "World Class Quality"
    • to give you ALL YOUR legal Copyright Assets -- to YOUR "home movies"
    • to give your "home movies" Liberated For EVER™ Longevity

Why? Because "home movies" document "True Americans" and "True American Traditions" and "True American Communities" and the "TRUTH" of what made America great -- the American Family. Families who trusted more in God, than in Government; who taught their children that their "word" -- and freedom to "speak the truth" -- was more important than "politically correct rhetoric" (a politically correct way to say "lies").

Home Movies must be preserved -- to preserve the memory of the "American Family".


My best kept secret -- is our Staff.

Our staff works as a team on each project. They might work on a "National Treasure" one day and on your "Private Collection" the next.

They KNOW YOU are special and KNOW all our clients, by name. They value all your home movies -- for what they are -- and they Liberated IMAGINEER™ them -- to be all that they can be.

They are Artists, in their own right, and your "home movies" becomes their ART. That's why their names become part of your video credits -- along with my name. For this reason, my name, and theirs, on your product is a "stamp of quality" -- and PRIDE!

Business Model:

We produce in Budgeted Production Segments (Cycles)

"You Pay as You Approve" -- just like a Professional Client -

      • Previewing hourly production segments
      • as a finished product
      • in your own home
      • on your own equipment
      • with a 100% money back guarantee
      • with you in control of Production-Payment Cycles
      • to start or stop your project for any reason.
      • YOU are our Quality Control Department
      • YOU are our "Client" -- not "a shopper"!

If you don't believe me, see our Special Promotion and Request a Quote!