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Dirty Little Secret™ YOU SHOULD KNOW:

Archiving means long term preservation of movie film and video images -- while also preserving functional use.

No organization does this better than the US National Archives and Records Administration (also called NARA).

  1. NARA oversees the management of ALL federal records; and
  2. NARA "establishes policies and procedures for managing (ALL) FERERAL RECORDS, and ASSISTS (ALL) FEDERAL AGENCIES (like The Library of Congress -- also called LC) in carrying out their records management responsibilities...".

These standards are "The Minimum Standards" for the entire "Archive Industry" -- and NARA freely offers these standards to the public.

For Example: One month after the Final Report of the famous NIST/Library of Congress Optical Disc Longevity Study,

This BAN was adopted -- and echoed -- by the Library of Congress(also called LC)-- to this day; and, also to this day,

BOTH ARICHVE INSTITUTIONS advise the public, and public archive services, to BAN the use CD/DVD optical disc "for archive purposes".

Why? "The Study" proved optical discs could last upto 45 years (using very special controls)!

Read When Pigs Fly and DVD Longevity Soars! It is a good laugh -- that is on you -- and your pocket book -- if you do NOT read it! Why?

Warning: The NIST/LC Study is used to FRAUDULENTLY to sell optical discs as archive media -- in my opinion!

Decide for yourself -- if NARA and LC -- and I -- have made the right call.

NARA's Archive Guidelines Should Be YOUR ARCHIVE GUIDLINES!

Your home movies are -- "The Times of YOUR LIFE!" -- your Family Archives. They are more important -- to your family -- than even the National Archives. They deserve no less a level of preservation -- than NARA provides for The National Archives.

Reference: National Archives Newsletter for their Pacific Archive Division

What if ALL MY home movies are already on DVDs? Yikes!

All home movies -- originating from video tape or movie film -- now stored on DVDs -- including "archive gold" and M-Disc type DVD discs -- are Expiring-DVD™ videos. Why?

The DVD recorders used to "burn" these disc were NOT "matched" and "calibrated" exactly to these discs! Sorry, they are full of "recording errors". Copy them anywhere, and you copy their errors, too! They will never be "archive grade". If they were "STRipped" -- instead of Dual-Pass Rendered, they are below the qulity of the original video. Yikes! Below VHS quality! This is why VHS-to-DVD Combo-decks are so BAD for video images. (back on track...)

Most of these DVD are approaching 2 to 5 years old -- which makes ALL video on these DVDs -- Expiring-Video™! This is NOT the fault of the DVD, but rather the fault of the Recording-Station (DVD recorder) -- used to make the DVD.

You need to run, not walk, to check your DVD discs -- to see how lucky you may or may not be.

DVD Re-Mastering & Archive Services: We can save your Expiring-DVD™ videos, make them better than the original DVD, and convert them into our Liberated For EVER™ Library™.

Our Guarantee of Quality

We we guarantee your video images -- from film or legacy video -- will be Better Than the Original film or legacy video source -- or your money back!

To back that promise, our clients "pay as they approve" their video -- in their own homes -- on their own equipment.

Our re-mastering process earns your video the name -- Liberated Film™ master files -- as each frame is not only better than the original image -- due to post-production Color and Image enhancements -- -- but because each frame is a Progressive Scan Frame -- a stand-alone-picture -- just like "frames of movie film -- "The best it can be -- ".


Expired Video from VHS, Vidoe8, Hi8, D8, and MiniDV Tape and DVD

Interlaced Video Re-Engineered™ into Progressive Scan Video.

This is only one step in creating Liberated Film™ master files .

ALL legacy video from video tapes -- Digital8, Hi8, Vdieo8, MiniDV and VHS and VHS-C -- are "interlaced video".

DVD discs -- made from video tapes -- are "interlaced video", too!


Last century's video should look better on HDTV -- better than it looked on last century's TV sets with CRT tubes.

Frame-Section A: BEFORE RE-ENGINEERING™: Two (2) Frames of video blended into a transitional interlaced frame with odd/even fields. Your videos have millions of these frames.

Film_Transfer_Interlaced_Image (Click to Refresh Pictures)

Frame-Section B: Below: AFTER RE-ENGINEERED™ into "Liberated Film™ master files"
To the human eye, True-to-Life™ Motion (For THE Times of YOUR Life™ ) "looks like" Frame B (below) -- not like Frame A (above).

Which frame would you rather "look at" - on HDTV?

Film_Transfer_Progressive_Scan (Click to Refresh Pictures)

FRAME C: Full-Frame (with the same frame-sections above) re-engineered as Liberated Film™ master files

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Liberated Film™ master files is where the quality STARTS -- not where it ENDS.
Liberated Film™ master files is "Dual-Pass Rendered" to make DVD produces - like Liberated DVDs, physical DVD discs, and MP4 video -- like the one below.


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"Liberated Film™ master files -- The way we hand YOUR MOTION in YOUR MOTION PICTURES!"™

Click Re-Engineering OLD VIDEO to HDTV to read more details about this.


Damaged Video: 3-Color Displacement

BELOW: Fourth Generation VHS video with 3-Color Displacement
Notice color-smear onto the blue shirt.

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BELOW: 3-Color Displacement Restoration.
Restored Video is better than the Original Video

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Click Video Tape & Expiring DVD Transfers for more.


Custom Color Enhancement

For Movie Film Transfers: Driect from Movie Film OR Movie Film images on Video Tape:

  1. Color Enhanced,
  2. Re-Engineered , and with
  3. "True-to-Life Motion" and
  4. "True-to-Life™ Speed"

Below is a 4-Column Split-Screen with Alernating zones:

Enhanced Original Enhanced Original


Enhancements: "Red face" is "now flesh colored"; Grass is now green grass; red shirt is true red; the blue cast is gone; blue tree bark is now dark brown: washed-out picture is sharper; grandpa's green shirt and hair are natural grey; originally video moved 25% faster, but now the motion is "True-to-Life™ Moton" and "True-to-Life™ Speed".

The ORIGINAL is from a "film transfer" over 10 years ago -- pre-HDTV.
The ENHANCD is our "Liberated Film™ master files" -- as Progressive Scan.

But Digital Film...Can Say it all.
(All images copyrighted by Bruce Mayfield 2015)