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D8 Tape, MiniDV Tape, HDV Tapes,
AVCHD Files, M2TS Files,
DVD Discs, and Blu-ray Discs

Legacy video to Liberated Video� re-mastering Service

ReMastered™ Virtual Video™

Einstein: Director of Marking

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Sources of Legacy Videos Follow:

Using Liberated Reality Technology...

Re-Engineering Legacy Video:

Descripton of Picture Below:

Center Column is two interlaced images
("like" video you now have on your tapes & discs.)

Right Column is same two images with line doubler processing.
("like" you might expect with your video images -- without our service -- on HDTV DVD player.)

Left Column is two progressive scan images
("like" you might expect after our Re-Engineering services;
However, we also enhance both the color and images, too.)

Top Row are original resolution images

  1. Left: Progressive Scan,
  2. Center: Interlaced (raw)
  3. Right: Raw Interlaced on HDTV.

Bottom Row are softening effect from (anti-aliasing)line doubler on all images.

(More on this below)

Tape-to-DVD COMBO Recorder Transfer

Combo Recorders are TWO-TIME LOSSERS

Tape-to-DVD Conbo Records guarantee that your DVD quality will be the "lowest quality money can buy" -- at any price! Yet, most "video tape transfer mills" use Tape-to-DVD COMBO Recorders".

Tape-to-DVD COMBO Recorders "rip" (NOT RENDER) the video -- in "real time" to a DVD. Transfer Mills "rip" to DVD called "archive DVDs" -- making you think you have a premium, long term data storage sollution -- to preserve your "video tape" images. This is absolutely FALSE!

NO DVD is "archive worthy", according to The National Archives -- who banned the use of DVD -- "FOR ARCHIVE PURPOSES" -- in 2007 -- and ever since then.

Dual-Pass Rendering
Re-Engineering Interlaced Video to Progressive Scan Video
Liberated Reality Preservation

Using the above technology, we make your Endangered Interlaced Video

You can have a Liberated Video� Archive -- that will last "Liberated" a 1000 years!

Our video archive standards exceeds archive standards of
The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) and
The Library of Congres
both "save-keepers" of the US National Archives.


We offer a
"Pay as you Approve" Program
Where you preveww Re-Engineered Video
In your own Home
On your own Computer
before YOU move your project forward with "the next payment".

You you have "Full Control" of "Quality Control".


We will

The Device-FREE™ Technology Shift -- AWAY from Physical DVD Discs

News: All "Recordable" DVD discs (including "gold") are banned for "archiving purposes" by The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) stating the following:

"CDs and DVD s are not an archival storage medium. Do not rely on them to store permanent records."
"Recordable" DVD discs and CD disc have a life span of 2 to 5 years.

Click National Archives Newsletter , to read if for yourself. 

What the National Archives know -- that you do not -- "in a Nut-Shell..."

  1. DVD RECORDERS are NOT standarized. They create so many "data errors" -- in the process of "burning a recordable DVD", that they strip a DVD of potencial longevity -- by decades -- even "gold discs". National Archives says 2 to 5 years for all. After RECORDING a DVD, some "data block" are "on the brink of failure" -- within 2 to 5 years. When "data blocks" fail; the DVD starts failing.
  2. Recordable DVD's store YOUR data -- and RECORD ERRORS -- in the "light sensitive", "unstable" Dye Layer of the DVD . Data ERRORS continue to accumulate -- after recording -- due to AGING and due light and air and "normal wear" -- until "drop-out" or" Sudden death" of DVD .
  3. There is a "technology shift" -- away from DVD s.. Like CD discs, DVD "disc" technology is being supplanted by Internet video technology and" Solid state technology". That means, DVD discs and DVD disc players -- are going the way of CDs and vinyl record players and "floppy drives".
  4. Given ALL the above, a "Recordable" DVD is NOT considered "long term storage". Recordable DVD (DVD-R) are "short term" Storage ONLY - 2 to 5 years! They need to be "refreshed" (re-recorded) periodically -- from their DVD disc IMAGE™ file.

This ALL is standard knowledg" in the "Archive Industry" -- and the National Archives are the Standard-Bearer".
Companies that do NOT tell you these facts are "negligent"-- or worse -- if they sell you a DVD -- as an Archive..

News: The concept of "archiving" to recordable DVD discs -- of any kind -- is a "last century" myth. OLD Archive Theory tied "content" to "physical media" -- for a long time -- making both "content" and "media" vulnerable to "technology shifts".

Old "archive concepts" were NON-FUNCTIONAL. Add to this the probability that recordable DVD discs WILL FAIL in about 5 years, and you have a formula for disaster.

News: New Modern Archive Theory frees "video content" from "physical media" -- for all time -- making the archive immune to technology shifts . The NEW MODERN ARCHIVE is loaded with FUNCTION -- that perpetuates the archive itself -- to an unlimited life span -- through faithful replication -- generation to generation -- free of any media..

We call the technology a" Liberated For EVER™ Library™".

What this means to you...

Our Liberated For EVER™ Library™s are NOT Theory -- they are a Reality Now!

For about the same price a buying "just a DVD ", YOU can both

  1. make and play YOUR own DVD discs (last decade's technology),
  2. but you can also things called" Liberated DVD s" (this decade's technology -- see our Liberated For EVER™ Drives™).

With a Liberated For EVER™ Library™, our clients (YOU) have

Liberated For EVER™ Drives™


Digital Re-Mastering™ Services

Who needs Digital Re-Mastering™ Services?

People with video that

  3. COPIES OF Expiring-DVD discs
  4. COPIES OF Expiring-Blu-ray™ discs


Cinematic Video Services™

Who needs Cinematic Video Services™?

People with video that ORIGINATED FROM MOVIE film.


TV Footage Out-Take Services™ (minor service)

Who needs TV Footage Out-Take Services™?

  1. People who "accidentally" recorded TV footage over their "family footage". This is VERY, VERY common with VHS tapes -- used to "pre-record" broadcast programing for TV. Sadly, many people do not even know they have copied a "TV show" over "family footage" -- for decades!
  2. People who do NOT want to PAY "full price" to preserve both "family footage" and "OLD TV footage".


  1. A Price Reduction service
  2. Combined with “TV footage” removal service

    • For VHS tapes (usually)which were
    • Used to archive YOUR PERSONAL HOME MOVIES and
    • Were ACCIDENTALLY used to record TV programs from a Video Cassette Reocorder (VCR)!

    Performed ONLY if

    • “TV Out-Take” saves client MORE money than Out-Take Service costs

Service Includes

    • An "in-video" Graphics -- where "TV Out-Takes" occurred in your video
    • Moving a "smaple only" of the “TV Out-Take” to the end of video footage.


  1. Shortens the total time of video on your new archive products
  2. Which saves you money
  3. Documents where TV Footage was removed and
  4. why you have a gap in your home movies; and
  5. Provides a "sample" at the end of the movie -- of what was moved and removed -- so you can check your VHS tape
  6. which is also documented with graphics as, "TV Out-Takes".

Digital Re-mastering and Cinematic Services:


  1. Liberated For EVER- Library™ (made from Hard Drive or High Capacity Flash Drive) and
  2. Home Movies-N-a-Flash™ Drive (made from Flash Drive)
  3. Device-FREE™ DVD Disc-IMAGES™
  4. DVD Discs -- Physical Discs
  5. Social-Media™ files –

    • for Internet
    • for Windows Media Player &
    • for Apple QuickTime Player
  6. Social-Media™ Data Disc –

    • for Internet and
    • for Confirmation of Work Done

(Included in both services)

Liberated For EVER master files for HDTV:

Why two Master Files ?

Primal-Film™ master files:

The word “Primal" means “original source”. Your “Primal-Film™ master files ”™ video (made directly from your original tapes or discs) is -- as close as you can ever get “digitally” – to your “original video tape” or “DVD / Blu-ray Disc”. You need to KEEP this video – in a “near-original state” as possible – should future technology evolves to make “better” products than we can make now – with today’s technology. However, freezing some video files, like VHS -- in the 1960's format -- is crippling. If you have ever hooked up your OLD VHS player to an HDTV -- you will see why.

Thus this "near-original state" should be in its best condition for use with tools for HDTV -- moving the format decades into the future. We have a method of off-loading your tapes and upgrading them for HDTV -- in progressive scan (among other thengs) -- to produce what we call a "Primal-Film™ Master File". This adds value and function to your Primal-Film™ Master File.

Liberated For EVER master files for HDTV:

The goal is to make your interlaced video images “look more like” progressive image movie film.

Having 2 types of files gives you a “before” and “after” perspective between your "raw video" and your “enhanced video” -- a difference you can see!

For these reasons, you receive 2 “master files ”.

  1. The “Primal-Film™ master files” files – your “original video” images – good, bad, or ugly – just like the were captured from your original video tapes or discs.

  2. The "Liberated For EVER master files for HDTV" – youe Enhanced and Re-engineered "files" -- for HDTV. Used to make ALL your other video products!

The way a Motion Pictures Studio
handles MOTION

Our Clients get a True-to-Life™ film LQQK" for HDTV -- from "Last Century's Video Tape"!"


Examples of Video Problem-Solving:

The samples below are" Special problems" for clients with Expiring-DVD discs or video tapes -- WHICH HAVE INTERLACED VIDEO.

First of all, there is the challenge of getting rid of all distracting elements of "interlace video" that conflict with displaying them

Picture Below:

Interline Twitter Effect from Interlaced Video:

For demonstration purposes, the animated frame rate of the IMAGE™ above has been slowed by a factor of 3, to emphasis flicker.
Credit: "Indian Head interlace":by RCA_Indian_Head_test_pattern.JPG: RCAderivative work: Damian Yerrick - RCA_Indian_Head_test_pattern.JPG. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons - Public Domain

Problem 1 with Your Old Interlaced Video on HDTV:

The density of and number of interlaced lines for HDTV is much greater for HDTV, than for OLD NTSC TV sets. Interlaced lines video for OLD TV sets, and OLD video tapes and DVDs -- desigend to be used on OLD TV sets.

Therefore, if you can convert OLD video for OLD TV to Progressive Scan images -- BERORE you play them on your HDTV, you will get a better IMAGE™.

FOR EXAMPLE: (IMAGE™ above) The interlaced scan (center) precisely duplicates the pixels of the progressive IMAGE™ (left), but interlace causes details to twitter.

A line doubler (built into your DVD player for HDTV) operates in "bob" (interpolation) mode and would produce the images at far right.

Raw interlaced video blurs such details to prevent twitter, as seen in the bottom row, but such softening (or anti-aliasing) comes at the cost of IMAGE™ clarity.

But even the best line doubler could never restore the bottom center IMAGE™ to the full resolution of the Progressive Scan IMAGE™.

For that reason,we

Interline Twitter

Problem 2 with Your Old Interlaced Video on HDTV:

Interlace introduces a potential problem called interline twitter, a form of moiré. This aliasing effect only shows up under certain circumstances — when the subject contains vertical detail that approaches the horizontal resolution of the video format.

For instance, a finely striped jacket on a news anchor may produce a shimmering effect. News anchors do NOT wear stripes!

This is Interlace or Interline Twitter.

Television professionals avoid wearing clothing with fine striped patterns for this reason. Professional video cameras or Computer Generated IMAGE™ry systems apply a low-pass filter to the vertical resolution of the signal to prevent interline twitter.

Interline twitter is the primary reason that interlacing is less suited for computer displays (and HDTV). Each scanline on a high-resolution computer monitor (and an HDTV) typically displays discrete pixels that do not span the scanlines above or below (of an interlaced image).

When the overall interlaced frame rate is 30 frames per second, a pixel that spans only one scanline is visible for 1/30 of a second followed by 1/30 of a second of darkness, reducing the per-line/per-pixel framerate to 15 frames per second.

To avoid this, standard interlaced television sets typically don't display sharp detail. When computer graphics appear on a standard television set, the screen is treated as if it were half the resolution of what it actually is or even lower.

If text is displayed, it is large enough so that horizontal lines are never one (1) scanline wide. Most fonts for television programming have wide, fat strokes, and do not include fine-detail serifs that would make the twittering more visible.

Interlace Combing:

Problem 3 with Your Old Interlaced Video on HDTV:

"Interlaced video frame (car wheel)" by Mikus (talk). Original uploader was Mikus at en.wikipedia - Transferred from en.wikipedia; transferred to Commons by User:Liftarn using CommonsHelper.(Original text : I created this work entirely by myself.). Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons -

When someone watches interlaced video on a progressive monitor with poor deinterlacing, they can see "combing" in movement between two fields of one frame (above).

Picture of a moving car tire, interlace combing reduced by realigning the even and odd field on the X axis. The other field has been moved 16 pixels right, reducing the combing on the bumper and the tire outline, but the hub cap that has turned between the fields has notable combing.

(end wikipeida reference)

For a more detailed descussion on this topic visit:

For more pictures, see example of "flags" below.


Convert ALL your "Interlaced video" to Progressive Scan --
without "STRipping-out" lines of resolution solves all 3 probmes above.

All video from last century -- and most video thru last decade -- is Interlaced.
Yes, Hi8, DVD, DV, Digital 8 (D8), HDV, and AVCHD is ALL interlaced.


Here is ONE WAY we do that.

Frame A (below) is what ALL your video looks like as "interlaced video". 

Video Interlace Close-up

(If NO PICTURE is shown (above)? Click here for "Page Refresh" )

Frame A: As Interlaced Video (400x Zoom)

It has up-and-down motion with with yaw in the frame itself -- from "HAND HELD CAMERA" MOTION.

It has "wind-whipping" motion in the flags -- action faster than the shutter speed of the camera.


Most studios are afraid to "show and tell" video at this level of complexity; however, THIS is typical level of complexity of "home movies" -- that YOU have -- and that YOU give us to work with. So, why not talk about a few Pros and Cons...

MOTION in VIDEO separates the Pro Artist from the Con Artist.

Don't even think about giving your home movies to a studio that does NOT talk about how they handle the complexity of MOTION in MOTION PICTURES! They are not Professional Video Artists. They use "STRipping methods" to convert video; which also means, they are "con-jobs" -- "STRipping you off"!

Frame B: Below: A Video Re-Engineered Frame -- made from Frame A (above). Notice the" Subtle motion" of flags -- after pixel shift.

Progressive Scan with
No lines "STRipped out",
No "anti-aliasing",
No "bobbing".

Progressive Scan Close-up

NOTE: We have a method of off-loading your tapes and upgrading them for HDTV in progressive scan -- in the same step -- to produce what we used to call a "Primal Master". For demonstration purposes, we have shown the step-by-step method of doing this; however, a primal master "like" B above is far better than a primal master "like" A above.

We call video like Frame B (above) -- before color enhancement --
a Primal-Film master file

We call video like Frame B (above) -- after color enhancement --
a Liberated Film™ master files.

Why is this important to YOU?

To the naked human eye, True-to-Life™ Motion "looks like" Frame B (above) -- not like Frame A (above).

At 30 frames per second, on your HDTV, you have the choice to look at frames like Frame A or like Frame B.

Which type frame would you rather look at - on your HDTV?

Which frame would you rather "pass on" -- to future generations?

Frame C: (below) Liberated Video™ for HDTV
Notice the" Slight blur" over-all, which will makes this frame a nice "Predictive Motion Frame" -- not a "Blended Frame" -- like Frame A (above).

Final Blended Frame

(Above: 2 frames blended together as a Progressive Scan frame -- to show motion)

But Liberated Film™ master files is where the quality STARTS -- not where it ENDS.
Our "Dual-Pass Rendering Methods" -- for making your DVD and Blu-ray products --
re-maps motion in images like Frame B (above) with "normal frames" --
making images that are "better than the original".

Press the video "Play" triangle in the frame below to see the True-to-Life Motion of our Liberated Re-Engineered™ Liberated Video™

(VIDEO Demo A iPhone)

Liberated For EVER master files For HDTV (included with all services)

(See Frame B and Video Demo A above):

Liberated For EVER master files For HDTV use Video Re-Engineering to take an “interlaced frame” and “re-engineers” it into “Progressive Scan” frames – without the “comb lines” – called “jaggies”. This process does NOT "strip out" lines, but rather reconstructs a new IMAGE™ from ALL lines.

This process re-maps (re-weaves and adapts) variations in the lines of video to restore “shapes of objects (i.e., making a round ball “stay round” as it travels across frames of video – instead of looking like a “blob” of jagged little lines).

Since Video Re-Engineering eliminates “comb lines” (called “jaggies”), the end result is something you can actually see -- a visible enhancement – especially in clips with “fast motion” or “hand held” camera movement. Were your home movies "hand held"?

Unfortunately, on video made from "copies of copies" (i.e., video tape copies of video tape copies). although the IMAGE™ is still "improved", a remnant of "the jaggies" becomes part of the IMAGE™ itself -- which remains -- as a soft saw-tooth pattern -- even after Video Re-Engineering. This can be seen in our example (below) of "3-Color Displacement Correction" -- which is a forth generation "copy of other video copies".

Who needs this service?

People with ‘INTERLACED VIDEO” which includes:

Our Unique Video Re-Engineering gives you “The Best of Both Worlds!”

  1. Quality – from the “new” Progressive images
  2. Action – from the “old” Interlaced images.

DIGITAL RE-MASTERING SERVICES: (Included in both services)


One of the biggest problems with “video tape” is “Color-Displacement” – when the Red, Blue, or Green (RGB) colors shift off-of the Black & White IMAGE™ – to someplace it does NOT belong! 

Frame D: Example
ORIGINAL (Primal-Film™ master files) Fourth-Generation VHS VIDEO -- ZOOMED 200 TIMES
(If NO PICTURE is shown below Click here for "Page Refresh" )

3-Color Discplacement

The example (above) shows extreme "Color Displacement" -- called different things -- like "color smear", “color bleed”, or “color ghosting”, "color-shift", etc. All 3 colors -- Red, Blue, and Green (which make all other colors in video) -- are "doing their own thing!" Each color must be manipulated separately -- from the other 2 colors. This is "impossible to fix" -- according to most video experts. Impossible for THEM!

Frame E: Impossible Correction...

This Virtual-Film™ master files made from
(If NO PICTURE is shown below Click here for "Page Refresh" )

3-Color Displacement Correction

In Frame E (above) our special 3-Color-Displacement Correction process has "put all 3-Colors back together" AND put them "where they should be".

Notice MORE detail in the" Skin texture" -- proof that much of the "original resolution" has been "restored". This is just another thing that other studios say, "can't be done.." -- just because THEY CAN'T DO IT!

This video will never be "GREAT" but it IS -- "Better then the Original".

The remaining color distortion can be attributed to "generation loss" -- over 4 generations (copies of copies) -- where the original "3-Color Displacement" -- from a prior generation of video "STRipping" -- was copied" onto the next generation of video -- without benefit of TBC (Time Base Correction) or 3-Color Displacement.

The remnant of the interlace lines along SOME diagonal lines have become part of the IMAGE™ -- even after Video-Re-engineering to Progressive Scan.

The Acid Test:

Would YOU rather watch 2 hours of video -- like Frame D -- or like Frame E?
Especially if it was video of YOU and YOUR BELOVED FAMILY!

We are one of only a very few "high quality" Studios that can correct or improve "3-Color Displacement”.


MAKE YOUR VIDEO "The Best It Can Be!"

Our Guarantee:

We can confidently guarantee your money back -- if your video is not "BETTER than the video you send us to work with. We use a "Pay-as-YOU-Approve" business model -- just like used by our Commercial Clients.

To request a price quote, click here: Quote Request Link.


Cinematic Video Serices includes ALL Re-mastering Services; however, Re-Mastering Services (alone) do NOT include Cinematic Video Services.

On top of "Re-Mastering Services" -- Cinematic Services adds

  1. Custom Clip-by-Clip Color Enhancement
  2. True-to-Life Motion and True-to-Life Speed Restoration.

CINEMATIC VIDEO SERVICE is ONLY for “video” which “originated” from MOVIE FILM -- “Standard 8mm movie film or 16mm movie film ”.

For video images -- that originated from MOVIE FILM -- your images have a lot of hidden quality which we can now release with modern digital tools. Working “best” for digital tape and digital disc (DVD and Blu-ray) this process also works “well” with most first generation “analogue master tapes”, too.

Our Color Artists -- using state-of-the-art Color Enhancement Tools -- will make a “profound difference” in most segments of your video -- a difference you can see.

This is the SAME “Clip-by-Clip” Custom Color Enhancement we use for our “Professional Clients” -- and that we how offer our “Domestic Clients” -- for “Liberated Film Transfer” services.

(NOTE: This is NOT a “film transfer” nor a “film-to-video transfer” service”).

The only difference with YOUR video – on tape or disc -- that originated from a "film transfer" -- is we do NOT have to “capture it” from the original movie film.

Custom Color Enhancement is such a “PROFOUND IMPROVEMENT”, that we can guarantee -- with confidence -- that if CINEMATIC VIDEO SERVICES -- do NOT look better than your “original video”, then you only pay for our DIGITAL RE-MASTERING SERVICES (see details below).

Clients choosing CINEMATIC VIDEO SERVICES are sent a “Confirmation Videos” – in MP4 -- so they can confirm the added quality – before making their “next payment”.

This is same “business model” used for our film-to-video Liberated Film Transfer Services – and if you have used our services in the past, you know we mean “business” -- "good business".


1) We “sharpen the IMAGE™” -- with technology that makes the IMAGE™ "crisper” – on HDTV. This includes converting the IMAGE™ to a Progressive Scan IMAGE™ after we get rid of interlace “comb lines” – known as “jaggies”.

2) We "Re-White Balance" you images with Color Temperature Restoration. HDTV has a greater dynamic range for whites and shades of white – allowing use to “bring-out” overtones of sunlight, etc.

Older cinema camera technology and transfer technology use “auto-white balance” technology to pseudo (false) color correct. Many colors – like yellow sunlight on a sidewalk, light blue in the sky -- that were NOT “white” in natural light or in nature, are “forced” to “look white” or “neutral grey”. As a result, the subtleties of “sunlight” (called “color temperatures”) was lost. Colore may "look different" but the do NOT look "true to life".

Using “Master Color Artist” techniques, along with our new Custom Enhancement Color Technology, these “subtleties” locked in your old film images (now on video) can be restored. To see these “subtleties” in nature, look at a white rose in the early hours of morning or evening -- and then look at the same white rose at high noon. 

3) We “Black Enrich” your images – to HDTV standards – so that “correctly exposed” segments of your video no longer look “washed out”. The OLD NTSC Standards for “Black” NOW tend to look “washed out” -- when played on an HDTV. Black Gamma Enrichment corrects this problems – in many cases – by actually expanding the dynamic range of black details within the picture – to create “true black” in those elements of a picture -- which actually ARE ‘true black” -- in real life. 

4) We “Green Enrich” your images. Green is the color most frequently lost in older RGB film transfers -- drifting toward blue or even red. Deep greens tend to look “black or even blue”. We can now “restore” many green shades to a more “life-like” color – which HDTV truly exploits.

5) We Correct Blue and Magenta Distortion: Most Super 8mm movie film was chemically altered for “low light”. As a result, shadows tended toward “blue” instead of “grey”. With time, as the dyes “got tired”, this film image (now in video) had a general color shift toward the color “magenta” (purple-pink – in layman’s terms). Most Super 8mm movie transfers (now video images), especially sound, had a light to heavy “magenta caste” that permeated the entire picture. We now have a correction for this distortion which corrects 95% to 100% of “magenta distortion”. When we are finished with our magic, many people see their home movies in “true-to-life” normal colors -- for the first time! Better than their old movie film!

CINEMATIC VIDEO SERVICES are NORMALLY for “video” which “originated” from “movie film”; however,

HOTE: CUSTOM RE-COLORIZATION VIDEO SERVICES -- much like our Cinematic Video Services -- can be ordered for ANY VIDEO PRODUCT. Just call us for pricing.

FINALLY: If we feel Cinematic Video Services are not a good match for your video, we will simply switch it to Digital Re-Mastering Services (see below).


True-to-Life™ Motion AND True-to-Life™ Speed ENHANCEMENT

AGAIN, CINEMATIC VIDEO SERVICES are ONLY for “video” which “originated” from “Standard 8mm movie film or 16mm movie film ”.

Using Digital Algorithmic Interpolation (DAI), we “normalize” the speed of your films to “True-to-Life™ Speed” and “True-to-Life™ Motion (Preserving THE Times of YOUR Life™ )”.

NOTE: Film captured by our studio, prior to 2010, was synchronized to a video signal at
20 frames per second (fps) -- for both Super 8mm movie and Regular 8 film. That was the ONLY way film and video could be synchronized -- at that time.

However, even with 2016 technology upon us, most studios are still synchronize film to video at 20fps frame rate. They do NOT "normalize" VIDEO FROM FILM TRANSFERS -- from 20fps -- to "True-to-Life Speed" and "True-to-Life Motion".

Why? To Save THEMSELVES money -- at the expense of adding time and motion distortion to your priceless images.

18 fps Normalization using DAI:

Super 8mm movie film – for HDTV: We" Slow down" the motion from 20fps to 18 fps (frames per second) using DAI. This means that your Super 8mm movie film is "normalized" to the same “real life” speed at which it was originally shot (with 0% "real time" distortion"). Normalization of 18 fps ADDS 10% “real time” to your project (i.e., 6 minutes more time for every hour of movie film ) and “slows down” the motion to “life-life” speed. These are changes that HDTV supports in Progressive Scan.

If you know where your Regular 8 video ends and your Super 8mm movie video starts, this information will be a big help to tell us. If we can not determine if video is made from Super 8mm movie or Standard 8mm movie film (slang - regular 8mm movie film) , which is rare, we will error on the side of normalizing it to only 18fps. Although 18fps is not ideal for Standard 8mm movie film (slang - regular 8mm movie film) , it is “visually more natural” than 20fps. Splitting the difference between 16fps and 20fps (i.e.,18fps) is a 50% improvement toward “normal speed”.

16 fps Normalization using DAI:

Standard 8mm movie film (slang - regular 8mm movie film) – for HDTV: We" Slow down" the motion to 16 fps using DAI. This means that your Regular 8 film is "corrected" to a speed distortion of 0% of the original “real time” speed -- at which it was originally shot. (16 fps ADDS 20% “more viewing time” to your project (i.e. 12 minutes per every hour) and “slows down” the motion to “True-to-Life™ Speed” and “True-to-Life™ Motion (For THE Times of YOUR Life™ )”.


Most studios charge FULL PRICE for TV footage – same a family footage -- and just leave it in your video.

“TV footage” can be “news”, “sports”, “weather”, “soap operas”, “movies” -- with TONS of commercials!

TV footage is “a problem” with “video tape” projects – especially VHS tapes. Many people send us tapes full of nothing but TV footage. Sometimes people send tapes having “mixed” family footage with TV footage – by accident – recording “TV footage” OVER “family footage”. 

NOTE: If you alert us, we are happy to preserve TV footage of "historical significance" -- like the Lunar Landing, post-mortem TV coverage of Kennedy, King, Elvis, etc.

TV footage usually plays for hours at a time; however, our “default policy” is to capture TV footage – since we can not pay someone to watch every minute of a video tape being captured – and “deal with it later”.

On average, 20 minutes of “TV footage” cost you about $5 – but most people are willing to pay that -- although they "cringe" at paying for hours and hours of TV footage -- which they will never re-watch.

Why? In the case of many “recording accidents”, “family footage” can re-appear – after the “accidental” TV footage ends. Although you “hate” paying for TV footage, you would “hate even more” to loose “even more priceless “family footage” – hiding AFTER the “recording accident” ends. Most people have never seen this “hidden family footage” -- assuming the entire tape has been "over-written'.

We will “look for” – “family footage” at the end of “TV footage”, however, by sending us your project, “you agree to hold us harmless” should we “miss any family footage” which may be commingled with “TV footage”.


We save you money -- and save your "famliy footage" memories with a TV Out-Take Service.

We NEVER charge a TV Out-Take Fee – if it does NOT save you MONEY. To protect you, your final cost of producing a tape – plus any TV Out-Take Fee – will never be MORE than the quoted price of a tape.

How do we earn our TV Out-Take fee?

We document each “out-take” – in your video with an “Out-Take” graphic. That way, you can confirm – which tapes have TV footage and where it was. The “Out-Take” eliminates this “TV time” and “TV cost” from your “family video project”, When – and IF -- “family footage” re-appears, we then restart the video capture process. We also MOVE a “sample” of the “TV Out-Take” to the END of your video, so you can see a sample of what was removed. Sampling saves you tons of hard drive space, too!

For example, if you have a 2 hour tape and TV footage appears at 1 hour and 50 minutes into the tape, there is no reason for us to “Out-Take” TV footage – to save you money.

On the other hand, if a 2 hour tapes STARTS OUT with TV footage, if we fast-forward through the tape – only to find TV footage for 1 hour and 30 minutes, but THEN we find “birthday footage” – to the end of the tape -- we just saved you MONEY AND MEMORIES!

The best savings comes when a video tape has ALL TV footage. it only cost $5 -- instead of “full price”!

Our TV Out-Take Fee is applied ONLY under the following conditions:

This is NOT an Add-on Fee; This IS a “Take-Off” Fee – for “Added Value” and saving "REAL MONEY!"

(Included in both services)

Home-Movie-Library Liberated Drive™ on a "Host" Drive is A Liberated Drive on a Physical-Drive.

In “Digital Archive Theory”, the “best archive” contains 1) all versions of your video, 2) an on-board “media player” to play your videos, and 3) a tutorial on how to use the “Liberated For EVER™ Drive™ ” – to play video, make DVD discs, to make “Liberated DVD™ / MP4 Library™ ( Liberated DVD Library)s and finally, to duplicate the Liberated For EVER™ Library™ itself.

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Pictured is an older model of our Liberated For EVER™ Library™
a USB "Pocket" Hard drive

Liberated For EVER™ Library™ Drives™ contain ALL your “video data files ”, “media player” and ‘tutorial”. Your Liberated For EVER™ Library™ Drives™ are usually hard drives (shown above) which are “re-purposed” – specialized – for managing and maintaining your “video archive”.

NOTE: For" Small projects", we can substitute a 128Gb Flash Drive (pictured below as the black flash drive) for a "hard drive" (pictured above) and save you money. Since it contains ALL your video files, too, we refer to it as a "Liberated For EVER™ Library™ ", too -- also used to "manage your video archive".

For example, you need to “check” your Liberated For EVER™ Library™ every few years to insure that your videos are “still there”. To this end, we have incorporated a royalty-FREE™“media player” onto your Liberated For EVER™ Drive™ – thus its name “Liberated For EVER™ Drive™ ”. This “media player” BOOTS from your “Liberated For EVER™ Drive” – not from your PC or Mac. This means you do NOT have to “hunt for software” to view your archive – even if you are on someone else’s – or your -- new computer. Software, with a tutorial -- that YOU know how to use -- is already on the Liberated For EVER™ Drive™ . This means, your “video media player” is ALWAYS physically located with your video files – when and where you need it – and with a couple clicks – you can be playing and sharing your videos and memories – no matter what computer you use – anywhere – anytime. This is MUCH BETTER than a “dumb drive” with a “read-me file”.

Making your own DVD discs: The US National Archives says recordable DVD discs are only good for 5 years. Now, from your Liberated For EVER™ Drive™ , you are empowered to refresh (re-record) your DVD s every 5 years – or any time -- for anyone. To do that, we provide you with “virgin” DVD DISC-IMAGE™ files – to burn new DVD platters -- right from your “Liberated For EVER™ Drive™ ”. Your DVD s will be as good as our DVD s – because they come form the “same digital disc IMAGE™”.

No more copying one DVD disc directly to another DVD disc – which is “BAD”. Why? According to the Library of Congress, the act of “recording a DVD ” introduces tons of data errors – which shorten the DVD discs life. Because DVD -to-DVD duplication – a bit-to-bit transfer process -- can pass on ALL data errors -- compounded from all generations of DVD discs in a DVD ’s linage of previous “duplications” – onto the NEW DVD disc. That means, your NEW DVD data may actually be “OLDER” in terms of “data errors” – than the “OLD” DVD – used to make the NEW DVD . This is similar to “generation loss” from copying an OLD analogue video tape to NEW analogue tape. The NEW tape is ALWAYS WORSE than the ORIGINAL.

Finally, you NEED BACKUPS of your video archive. We have made “duplicating” your Liberated For EVER™ Drive™ easy. Like painting by numbers – you can make your OWN, NEW Liberated For EVER™ Drives™ by “drag-N-dropping” files -- “by the numbers” – as you read my tutorial.

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Small Player-Drive

SMALL SOCIAL-MEDIA™ Liberated For EVER™ Drive:

Liberated DVD™ / MP4 Library™ is a “miniaturized” version of your Liberated For EVER™ Library™ -- containing YOUR ENTIRE VIDEO LIBRARY on Social-Media files. Your Liberated DVD™ / MP4 Library™ ( Liberated DVD Library) – the size of a key -- has a ring, that will clip onto your key-chain. Take it with you and you can share your videos on any computer using Windows Media Player or Apple QuickTime Player. You can also UPLOAD these files (or edited segments of these files ) to the Internet – or send them to friends and family via your cell phone. If you loose it, just make another one – from your Liberated For EVER™ Library™ .

Each "Liberated For EVER™ Drive™ " has an "on-board" media player -- to play your videos -- on both Mac and PC computers.
You can duplicate your Liberated DVD™ / MP4 Library™ ( Liberated DVD Library) "on the spot" -- giving it to someone in your family -- without worry of violating software copyrights!

All the above – and much more -- is covered in your “Liberated For EVER™ Drive™ Tutorial” – located on each Liberated For EVER™ Drive™ .

Summary of Products and Services




(“set” means “a complete, unabridged copy of your entire project”)

Products Included with BOTH services:

2 sets of DVD s
1 set of DVD Device-FREE™ Disc-IMAGES™
1 set of Social-Media Data Discs – for “confirmation” of work done on disc
1 set of Social-Media files – in H.264/MP4 video format (for the Internet)
1 set of Primal-Film™ master files -- in DV Format – “Interlace Video” IS preserved from original video
1 set of Liberated For EVER master files For HDTV – as “Progressive Scan Video”
1 Liberated For EVER™ Library™ (files and all product files )
1 Home Movies-N-a-Flash™ Drive ( Liberated DVD s and Social-Media files )

All DVD discs have a 90 day “replacement” warranty – within 90 days of shipping.

All Video files are “backed-up” for only 30 days – once products are shipped – so that you can verify that all video file-based products are good. After 30 days they are purged from our database.


You will receive a Social-Media Disc to Confirmation files in MP4 format
which you will play on your computer using either Windows Media Player or Apple QuickTime player --
which are both “free” applications you probably already own. You may receive several of these over the course of the project – especially if you have several hours of Service A footage. These “data discs” will NOT play in your DVD player.

CINEMATIC VIDEO SERVICES Guarantee: If any 15 minute segment of CINEMATIC VIDEO SERVICES is not “better” than your old, original video, and if we can not remedy the quality issue,

then you pay Digital Re-Mastering Services pricing only for that segments of video.


Your INITIAL DEPOSIT is 75% the price of the total project or $300, which ever is less.

Deposits are deposited only when production starts.


Final Payment(s) is apportioned to each of the" Social-Media Data Disc" -- as you approve them.

Final shipment is sent after last payment.




CINEMATIC VIDEO SERVICES are a labor-intensive processes that use labor and equipment from our Movie Film Transfer Services. Therefore, CINEMATIC VIDEO SERVICES must be scheduled into our “Film Transfer” production – which generally is on a “monthly production cycle” – for every 2 hours of video production. We generally have "Movie Film Transfer" Sales 3 months in advance.

We do NOT offer "express services" on transferring video tapes and estimate a 1 month" Start date" with 1 production cycle per month -- for each 8 hours of video sent for confirmation. At this time, we can not be "the best" and "the fastest". If speed is more important than quality, then we are NOT the right studio for your needs.


Every project has a different size, weight, and destination. “Our cost” is “your cost”. We do not have “packing and handling fees”. Carol, our Business Manager, can give you an estimate of shipping cost and options to your area. Most people choose USPS “Flat Rate” shipping or UPS “Ground”. Since we keep a 30 day backup of your project, there is only little risk to your video archive in shipping.

video tape SPLICING & REPAIR: If you have “broken or damaged” tape, we WILL have to repair it. This often means removing the case – or replacing it or parts – making the splice – then reassembling the case.

Be advised that video tracks crossing the physical splice WILL be lost. All stretched or damaged or wrinkled video tape will be lost.

Also, be advised, “the splice” is “only temporary” -- FOR OUR USE ONLY -- to capture your video tape. Use of a “repaired tape” WILL damage YOUR video tape player -- very badly.

DVD DISC repair: We can resurface a disk if we need to, or we can use “tricks of the trade” to temporarily restore the surface of a disc – so that it is more readable. We also have special software that can perform reconstructive processing. In any case, some data may be lost. All this takes time, and sometimes test trials.

By sending us your project, “you agree to hold us harmless” if we can NOT restore function to a DVD or if we make it worse.


“Long play” tapes are “regular tapes” record in Long Play (LP) Mode. This video is VERY POOR, but a lot of it (up to 6 to 8 hours) could be “crushed” on to a “2 hour tape” – usually a VHS tape. Many people copies their camcorder tapes to VHS in LP mode; or tape several hours of TV in LP Mode.

In the event tapes are found to be recorded in “long play mode”, then the “extra video” means “extra capture services” and maybe extra hard drive and flash drive space. These EXTRA COSTS are “self-evident”. By the act of sending us your project, you agree you will pay the any extra costs for “Long Play” Tapes or DVD discs. If we encounter “long play” media, we will notify you -- after the first occurrence.


By sending us your project, you agree to “backup” your Liberated For EVER™ Library™ – within 30 days of receiving your Liberated For EVER™ Drive™ . We will purge you project from our database 30 days AFTER your receive your Liberated For EVER™ Drive™ .



Chase Quickpay




VIDEO ANOMALY NOTICE: Before 2006, HDTV was a moving target. The video world “standard” was still NTSC TV. That standard included hidden (masked) sections of video – to make allowance for all the different TV sets. Color correction equipment -- for digital video – ONLY corrected the “visible” parts of the NTSC video. Digital monitors were “so expensive” that they, too, only displayed the “visible” parts of the NTSC video.

Now that HDTV is the standardized – EVERYTHING – good, bad, and ugly -- ALL of the old NTSC video “screen area” can be see. The once “hidden video” usually appears as a band of “uncorrected video” -- with a line in it -- on one or both sides of the picture’s frame. Currently, there is no “cure” for this artifact of technical evolution.


As film and video transfer -- subcontractors and preservationist -- we have direct and indirect client affiliation with FOX, NBC and PBS . Other commercial interests -- include many private movie ventures and societies. As such, we have worked with some of the oldest movie films in the US and with movie films that can only be termed “national treasures” -- a few of them "Legendary" -- as follow:

We have produced historical films for countless cities and towns, fire departments, football teams, State and Federal government archives, hundreds of hours on Vietnam, declassified ballistic missile test on high speed film, etc. -- the list goes on, now, for about 20 years.

We have always provided "private" video restoration for our film transfer clients. Only recently have we been made aware that there are many "professional abuses" in the "video tape transfers " industry.

As such, we now offer an alternative to abusive services -- as a premium Liberated Video� Transfer Studio -- for VHS, Video 8, Hi8, Digital 8 (D8) and MiniDV transfer.

With Liberated Reality Technology, the bar -- in both the Film Transfer Industry and the Video Transfer Industry -- has been raised! Let video now LIVE -- Liberated For EVER™!

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